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Infinium: Ahead of Its Time or Failed Experiment?

Since writing a post last month about Infinium, the champagne-like beer made by brewers from the Boston Beer Company (makers of the Samuel Adams line) and Weihenstephan Brewery in Germany, I've been curious to learn how it's been received. (Not enough to carry that thought home to my laptop after encountering one of those sexy bottles […]

American Craft Beer Going Global

Here's a quick heads up that you should read our pal Clay Risen's piece on Stone Brewing's planned expansion into the European market. The Escondido, California-based brewery is hoping to open a production facility in Europe sometime in the next few years that will be the American craft beer movement's first foothold on the continent. […]

2009: The Year in Beer News #1

And now, a year-in-review look at beer happenings beyond DC. Today we bring you the first of two collections of snapshots of last year's national (and international) beer news stories. You'll laugh, you'll cry, so grab some tissues because Y&H is about to get all "graduation slide show." Beer Wars: Brewed in America – The […]

Americans Should ‘Teach Drinking’…Or At Least Discuss It

John McCardell makes a push for his Choose Responsibility campaign in the current issue of The Atlantic, urging the United States to relax the 21-year drinking age and let lawmakers try more nuanced education efforts. McCardell, a professor at Middlebury College and formerly its president, writes that American states, freed of the federal age minimum: […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits from Young & Hungry Blog

If we learned anything this week on the Young & Hungry blog, it's that vintage beer commercials never really die. They just get endlessly viewed on YouTube at work. Thousands upon thousands of you, from all around the world, watched the haphazard collection of classic beer ads that I cobbled together on Monday, mostly for […]

Derek Brown on Naming Cocktails: Drop the ‘Tini’ Bullshit

There's a reason Derek Brown shared Best Bartender honors this year. The Gibson spirits-tender knows not only how to mix a mean libation but also how to name one. In his latest column for The Atlantic's online food section, Brown mocks two of the many Obama-related cocktails that drenched our fair town in kitsch and […]

Grant Achatz Explains Why He’s a Control Freak

Y&H has never eaten at Alinea, but I wouldn't hesitate for a second to put myself in chef Grant Achatz's hands for dinner. I don't care if I'm paying the dude $225 for his 23-course "tour" menu, Achatz has carte blanche over my meal whenever I get the chance to step foot into his place. […]

The Atlantic Launches Online Food Section With a D.C. Flavor

The Atlantic's new online food section, according to Corby Kummer, promises "twelve departments that showcase some of the wisest and most authoritative people in the worlds of food, wine, and coffee, and many delightful fresh ones. What unites them all is passion, infinite curiosity, and openness to new tastes and new thoughts." The debut edition […]