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Food News You Can Use: Why Fried Turkeys and Four Lokos Suck

Mike Shanahan's decision-making on Sunday may have been a bitter pill to swallow, but we're here today to rinse the nasty taste out of your mouth. Straight to the food news: A new Tryst-type spot called Bistro 18 will be opening up where Oya's Mini Bazaar and African Art used to be at 2420 18th […]

Food News You Can Use: The Deep-Fry Your Halloween Candy Edition

Let's get right to the news: There's a bourbon dinner going down on Oct. 26 at Fourth Estate Restaurant at 529 14th St. NW, featuring five courses and, well, bourbon. (Girl Meets Food) The Red Derby opened a roof deck over the weekend, and it looks like it even has heaters! (Prince of Petworth) The […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Well, well, it's clear what kind of crowd we have here at Young & Hungry: the kind that likes to watch Paula Deen take a frozen ham to the schnoz. The video was, far and away, the most popular post this week. Honestly, I don't know how we live with ourselves. Here's what you clicked […]

The Reasons Y&H Felt Grateful This Thanksgiving

Once again Y&H spent Thanksgiving dinner with Mrs. Y&H's parents, and once again, a magnificent feast was laid before us — roast turkey, oyster dressing, crudites, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, green-bean casserole,  rolls, fudge pie, pecan pie, and all the wine we wanted to drink. As we pulled out of the driveway, fat and happy, here are a […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Young & Hungry

Enjoy this day "marked by gorging oneself on the flesh of a gruesomely decapitated fowl."

Don’t Want to Cook For Thanksgiving? Drink Your Dinner This Year

The Internet is rife with Thanksgiving-themed beer pairings, so we've elected to take a slightly different tack. This  year why not drink beer made with the ingredients of all your Thanksgiving foods instead of eating the same old tired feast? It'll save you time in the kitchen, guaranteed. If you insist on cooking and need […]

How to Make Post-Thanksgiving Clean-Up Less Stressful

How To Cut the Post-Thanksgiving Dinner Cleanup in Half Uploaded by Howcast. – Parties, dorm life, and other college videos. Embedded deep within this cheesy instructional video from Howcast are a few decent tips on how to make clean-up easier this year. (Though I have to think that wrapping your burner liners in foil isn't […]

Pilgrim’s Pride: Thanksgiving Side Dish, Part II

As we head into Thanksgiving, Y&H wants to help you eat like a pilgrim (a Native American, too, because we’re all about equal opportunity eating here). In other words, we want to help you eat locally for the holiday. Almost 400 years ago, the pilgrims had no choice but to eat local. These days, we […]

A Thanksgiving Tradition: The Kids’ Table

Raise your hand: Who among you was relegated to the kids' table during Thanksgiving? Y&H was. I didn't care, either. As a kid, I didn't get Thanksgiving, at least the gathering around the table for hours and doing nothing but eating. I was an active little snot and didn't like sitting among the adults, as […]

Check Twice Before Blaming the Cat this Thanksgiving

This is both creepy and cute. But you'd think the animator could have at least bought a pumpkin pie without a dent in the tin.