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The Leftovers

Who says you can't eat and drink Thanksgiving all week long?

Don’t Feel Like Cooking Thursday? Get Thanksgiving to Go

The joys of take-out turkey

It’s All Gravy: Anatomy of Ted’s Bulletin’s Thanksgiving Pop-Tart

No need to roast a turkey and spend hours preparing stuffing, sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce. Ted’s Bulletin has taken all the best parts of Thanksgiving dinner and combined them into—why did no one think of this sooner?—pop-tart form. The Turkey Day treats are available at the Barracks Row and 14th Street NW locations through […]

Nowhere to Go for Thanksgiving? DC Reynolds Will Offer a Free Feast

Nothing is sadder than sitting at home by yourself on Thanksgiving. So if you don't have plans or don't want to cook, head to DC Reynolds. The Park View bar is hosting its second annual Thanksgiving dinner next Thursday—completely free. “Always on holidays I know there are people who are stuck in the city, can’t get out […]

Free Turkey Burgers! The Password Is ‘Gobble, Gobble’

Z-Burger in Tenleytown is giving away free turkey burgers from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesday. The catch is, you've got to gobble and otherwise act like a frickin' turkey in order to earn the complimentary meal. Burger Days has the details. Y&H is  betting this guy will qualify. Logo courtesy of Z-Burger

What a Turkey: Some Fowl Marketing By Bev Eggleston

You might remember his harrowing pig calls from the Crafty Bastards festival this past October. (If you happened to be within earshot, how could you forget?) Now, the irrepressible Bev Eggleston of EcoFriendly Foods has gone the extra step to shill for his various ethically-raised animal products: he's donned feathers. Well, a cloth facsimile of […]

Gratitude, Graffiato-Style: Mike Isabella Is Thankful For Top Chef

Gratitude is what Thanksgiving is all about. Well, that and gluttony. What is Graffiato's Mike Isabella thankful for this holiday? "For opportunities," the District's reigning restaurant-rumor magnet and Garden State native tells North Jersey Media. "The opportunity to appear on two seasons of 'Top Chef' helped lead me to the opportunity of opening Graffiato." No […]

Which Local Beer Goes Best With Dark Meat?

Irrepressible ChurchKey beer director Greg Engert has a slew of ideas for beer and turkey pairings this Thanksgiving. Naturally. Washingtonian has his picks divided into white and dark meat pairings but all the suggestions are regional brews from Virginia, Maryland and D.C. To keep it simple, stick to District-made suds. That means DC Brau—The Citizen […]

Food News You Can Use: Tis the Season for Hangover Remedies

Let's get straight to the news: Volt chef and owner Bryan Voltaggio is apparently scouting around for another restaurant, which may or may not be the second coming of Volt. (Washington Business Journal) Tis the season for tying one on. Tis the season for hangover remedies, too. A number of local heavy hitters explain their […]

How Did You Prepare Your Thanksgiving Turkey?

There must be a 1,001 ways to prepare a turkey these days, and I suspect that I picked the hardest one yesterday: I smoked a bird. Let me tell you: Using a large, off-set barrel smoker to cook a 15-pound bird is no easy task. Not even with my friend and smoke mentor, Jim Shahin, […]