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Pork Perfume Purveyors Plan Mid-Sept. Opening for Del Ray BBQ Den

National Capital Barbecue Battle champs (and makers of the divinely swine-scented "Que" eau de barbecue cologne) Heath Hall and Brett Thompson are set to open their much-delayed Pork Barrel BBQ restaurant in Alexandria’s Del Ray neighborhood in mid-September. The Post's Jim Shahin has the scoop, describing the storefront as "so sleek and broad-windowed, it could […]

Hardy’s Barbecue Available on the Streets of Bethesda

It was the sign that hooked me. There it was, a simple hand-painted sandwich board straddling the median on Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda. Its message was direct: PIT BBQ. An arrow pointed right. I turned right. I eventually ran right into Hardy's, a big white truck parked just outside the Montgomery Farm Women's Cooperative. The […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Urban Bar-B-Que

More than four years ago at their Rockville location, Urban Bar-B-Que owners David Calkins and Lee Howard were turning out barbecue with an overtaxed metal smoker approximately the size of a dorm-room refrigerator. It was as much a convection oven as a smoker, a contraption that required employees to fill (and refill and refill) a […]

Spot Check: Capital Q BBQ

You experience sort of a reverse Wizard of Oz moment when you enter Capital Q BBQ. Rather than waltzing into a surreal, Technicolor world, you leave behind D.C.'s pictogram-heavy equivalent of Oz and strut into a smoky, two-fisted, virtually black-and-white version of central Texas at this Chinatown haunt. No Munchkin could ever hope to survive […]

Not So Fast About Hill Country in D.C.: Opening Date Moved to Year’s End

Earlier today I did something that's all too easy in this steal-information-wherever-you-like era: I cribbed a factoid from a June 15 item on Zagat (itself likely drawn from WaPo's report from a year ago) about Hill Country's opening date in D.C. It turns out to be incorrect. Mea culpa! I should say that I did […]

The $2.50 ‘Chris Rock’ Rib at Branded ’72

This weekend, I stopped by Branded '72 at the urging of co-owner Mark Johnson, the son-in-law of  founder, Ken O'Brien Sr., whose Rockville smokehouse bore his name for decades until the newcomers rebranded it last year. More on my meal in just a second. But before I ordered a thing at Branded '72, I noticed […]

The Texas Taste-Off: Rating Texas Monthly’s Top Smokehouse Briskets

My friend and smoke master Jim Shahin had been planning this taste-off  since last fall when he smuggled four briskets back from Texas following a business trip. Not just any briskets, either, but slabs from four of the five top-performing smokehouses in Texas Monthly's most recent survey. (Registration required.) His cache of meats included deckle […]

Urban Bar-B-Que in Sandy Spring Is Going Honky Tonkin’

Perhaps not honky tonkin' in the Hank Williams sense, but the Sandy Spring location of the mini-Urban Bar-B-Que chain is planning to add live music late this summer, after owners David Calkins and Lee Howard expand their smokehouse. When I spoke to Calkins on the phone this morning, he talked about not only adding live […]

A Primer on Texas Barbecue for You Carolina Non-Believers

I was trying to find a good video clip on carne ahumada, the smoked meats of Mexico, when I tripped upon this gem from what looks like the History Channel. It goes a long way toward explaining why Texans are so crazy about their style of barbecue.

Urban Bar-B-Que’s Brisket Rises to the Top of the Class

As promised, a group of meat eaters gathered last weekend at Urban Bar-B-Que to test drive the brisket, ribs, pork, and chicken that co-owner David Calkins was pulling from his new Southern Pride smoker. I can't speak for the rest of the crew, but from the moment I walked in the joint, I knew things […]