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Diego’s Transformation? It’s in the Guacamole

The first time I visited Diego—before the owners shut it down to reboot because they weren't happy with the food or service—the guacamole pretty much summed up the experience: a sad grayish lump of questionable freshness surrounded by greasy wonton-like triangles. So it was a nice surprise to see a guacamole mixing station, with a […]

Second Time’s A Charm? Diego Tex-Mex Restaurant Reopens

After closing two weeks into its summer opening, 14th Street NW Tex-Mex restaurant Diego reopened last night with a new chef and new menu. Co-owner Michael Askarinam previously told Y&H that he wasn't happy with the initial food and service, so he decided it would be best to shut down while he searched for a new chef. Now leading […]

GOP-Mex: The Republican Tex-Mex Connection

Monday night, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and 15 to 20 House Republicans met in the basement of Tortilla Coast, Roll Call reports, to discuss the government shutdown and the debt ceiling. While we can't say whether there was a consensus on queso or guac, it's clear that there's a long been a Republican affinity toward […]

Diego Tex-Mex Restaurant Opens Today on 14th Street NW

Dupont Italian Kitchen owners and brothers Tony and Michael Askarinam are forgoing tortellini for tacos at their new Tex-Mex restaurant Diego, which opens today at the corner of the 14th and V streets NW. The food might taste a little familiar. The chefs are alums of Guapo’s and Lauriol Plaza. The plan is to stick […]

Mex Perplexed

Seems like there are a million new Mexican-ish restaurants, and each one calls its version of the cuisine something different. To keep them all straight (and to introduce you to some new terms), we've put together this handy guide. Tex-Mex Texas-style Mexican means Texas-sized portions, typically slathered in cheese with refried beans and flour tortillas. […]

No ‘Fajita Orgy’ At The New Tortilla Coast: Logan Circle Spin-Off To Focus on ‘Authentic Mexican’

Capitol Hill's longstanding Tex-Mex outpost and intern magnet Tortilla Coast—former home of the $8.95 all-you-can-eat "fajita orgy," a staple of this columnist's Saturday-night diet during his leaner, even more shallow-pocketed cub-reporter days—is aiming to open its second location in Logan Circle in mid-December. According to a press release, the new and improved Coast will focus […]

Food News You Can Use: The Ultraviolent Food Nerds Edition

It's Monday, which means it's time to dig into a big, heaping plate of food news. We start with an item close to home: Amsterdam Falafelshop is looking to franchise. Where and when? The guessing (begging?) game begins. (DCist) New Tex-Mex joint to replace AM PM Carryout at 14th and V: Liquor license and sidewalk […]

Robb Walsh on How to Make Taco Truck Salsa

My old colleague at the Houston Press recently left his post there as restaurant critic and is now doing service journalism of another sort: demonstrating how to prepare Texas/Tex-Mex dishes, complete with videos showing his once well-concealed mug. One piece of advice, Robb: Zoom in on that food, dude! It's nice seeing your face now, […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on the Young & Hungry Blog

As you can imagine, the news of Spike Mendelsohn's eviction took center stage this week on the Y&H blog. No other item drew even a quarter of the readers. But now, there's good news on the Spike front: The chef and his erstwhile roomie have started to pay back their landlord, with the promise of […]

Things Just Not Flowing at H Street Country Club

Remember my post earlier this month about the H Street Country Club opening in late March? Scratch that. Looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer. This is, frankly, why I hate writing about opening dates.