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Fork & Spade Food Truck and Restaurant Coming to Tenleytown

Chef Alex Bous, who's worked in the kitchens of 2941 and Clyde's, is bringing a seasonally-focused food truck and restaurant serving American food "with a twist" to Tenleytown. Bous and his fiancee/chef de cuisine Renee Straus plan to launch the Fork & Spade food truck early next week. A restaurant with the same name will […]

La Forchetta Vows To Topple 2Amys As D.C.’s Highest Neapolitan Temple

Restaurateur Hakan Ilhan has taste-tested all sorts of artisanal pizzas around town. “2Amys, in my opinion, was No. 1," Ilhan says, referring to Peter Pastan's uber-popular pizzeria in Cleveland Park. Yes, Ilhan is speaking in the past tense. Like any confident operator of a brand-spankin' new gourmet pizza joint, Ilhan boldly asserts that the pies […]

Free Burgers!

Z-Burger in Tenleytown is at it again on Friday—giving away free burgers to anyone who knows the correct phrase. This time, just say, "My diet can wait!" And you'll get a complimentary single hamburger, cheeseburger, veggie burger or turkey burger (limited to one per customer). For a taste of other daily deals, as well as […]

Free Turkey Burgers! The Password Is ‘Gobble, Gobble’

Z-Burger in Tenleytown is giving away free turkey burgers from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesday. The catch is, you've got to gobble and otherwise act like a frickin' turkey in order to earn the complimentary meal. Burger Days has the details. Y&H is  betting this guy will qualify. Logo courtesy of Z-Burger

Lincoln’s Favorite D.C. Meal Was in Tenleytown—Er, ‘Tennallytown’

In today's Washington Post food section, critic Tom Sietsema gives the new Lincoln restaurant a favorable First Bite review. "You'd never know that the fancy Il Mulino last occupied these quarters. Lincoln, inspired by the 16th U.S. president, is everything its predecessor was not." I haven't been to Lincoln yet, but I did have the […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Masala Art

Atul Bhola of Masala Art It happens to rock bands all the time: They start rolling in dough and having to push through a barricade of groupies on the way from the green room, and suddenly their music turns to crap. It can happen to restaurants, too. But while there are signs that Masala Art, […]

The Whole Foods’ Ground Beef Grind Clock

My first thought when I saw this grind clock perched atop the meat display counter at the Whole Foods in Tenleytown was the obvious: This has to be a reaction to the New York Times' October investigation into the ground beef business, which revealed, among other things, that "a single portion of hamburger meat is often […]

Dish of the Week: Gaulati Kebab at Masala Art

Masala Art owner Atul Bhola had told me he would offer some unusual dishes at his new Tenleytown restaurant, and I have to admit the gaulati kebab plate ($12.95) sitting before me is so different, I'm not even sure how to eat it. The plate arrives with three lamb patties in the middle, surrounded by […]

More on Masala Art in Tenleytown

Y&H had been trading phone calls with the mysterious Atul, owner of the previously mentioned Masala Art in Tenleytown, before we finally connected this afternoon. Atul, it turns out, is Atul Bhola, a man with just a little bit of experience in Indian cuisine. He was manager at Heritage India for ten years. "It was […]

Tenleytown to Get Masala Art

Y&H took this picture as soon as I noticed the sign gracing the facade of the old Kuma space. Forgive the pic quality. I shot it through the car window while waiting at the light on Wisconsin Avenue at Albemarle, hoping I could snap it before the signal turned green and before the vehicle next […]