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Can Del Campo’s Vegetarian Tasting Menu Convert a Meat Fanatic?

Victor Albisu is an accomplished chef and I am not, but we do have one thing in common: Most people believe they have us pegged as bearded, smoke-shrouded cavemen who sit around fires all day eating charred hunks of meat. Albisu takes some responsibility for the stereotype, although he doesn’t love the fact that he’s […]

How’d You Do On Our Wu-Food Quiz? Answers To Last Week’s Hip-Hop-Themed Dinner Game

Last week, Y&H gave you a sneak peek into the Wu Tang Clan-themed dinner series at Seasonal Pantry and asked you to hazard a guess as to what specific Wu tunes inspired each dish on chef Dan O'Brien's menu. After a sold out three-night run, O'Brien dishes up the answers. See if you guessed correctly […]

Next Up at Rogue 24: David Posey of Chicago’s Blackbird

Grant Achatz protégé David Posey is the latest in a parade of highly touted guest chefs to fill-in for Rogue 24 chef R.J. Cooper, who is recovering from open-heart surgery. Posey, currently the chef de cuisine at Blackbird in Chicago, will helm the open kitchen in Blagden Alley for five nights, beginning on Feb. 7. […]

Lava Rocks, Chicken Wire, Beer Foam: Some New Things to Expect at R.J. Cooper’s Rogue 24

Back in early May, chef R.J. Cooper was pretty much set on the menu for his experimental eatery in an alley, Rogue 24. He told me as much during a preview of the planned 24-course extravaganza in New York. Two months of construction delays and several choice words for Pepco later, the Rogue Toque has […]

What Dour Economy? Pricey New Eatery Rogue 24 Books Up Quickly

So much for the era of austerity. Chef R.J. Cooper's wallet-busting gustatory jam session Rogue 24 is essentially all booked up for its opening weekend, as Y&H alum Tim Carman reports for WaPo. The Coop tells Carman: “Our plan is not to over-capacitate the restaurant and not start turning tables until September, when the staff […]

Vidalia’s ’24’ Gives New Order to the Multi-Course Tasting Menu

R.J. Cooper's foie gras parfait, part of his "24" menu at Vidalia Twice R.J. Cooper found himself at Bryan Voltaggio's Table 21 at Volt, and twice the Vidalia chef found himself impressed. "Bryan crushed me a couple of times," says Cooper, his choice of words providing a brief glimpse into his old college jock persona. […]