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Fish and Chips Throwdown: Bidwell vs. District Fishwife

Fish and chips is already a top seller and signature dish at Union Market’s new seafood vendor, District Fishwife. But is it the best version in the market? At the opposite end of the eating hall, Bidwell, the two-month-old restaurant from New York chef John Mooney, also features the British staple. Both places pride themselves […]

Crunch Time: Potato Chip Blind Taste Test

José Andrés’ new line of Spanish food products debuted at Whole Foods across the region this week. The collection includes everything from sherry vinegar to olives to sea urchin. But the top-selling item since the line launched earlier this summer? Potato chips with extra virgin olive oil and Himalayan pink salt. Think Food Group CEO […]

D.C. Water vs. Bottled Water?

My recent cover story on the efforts by DC Water to promote the local tap as a culinary product stirred up a lot of opinions about how local water tastes. Now the agency is putting the public to the test to see if you (yes, you!) can tell the difference between tap, filtered, and Deer Park […]

Neapolitan Smackdown!

In opening La Forchetta, the modish new Italian-themed eatery in Wesley Heights, restaurateur Hakan Ilhan boldly declared that the reigning mecca of authentic Neapolitan-style pizza-making in the District had just been surpassed.“2Amys, in my opinion, was No. 1," Ilhan said, referring to Peter Pastan's uber-popular pizzeria in Cleveland Park. "I think ours is the best.” […]

Taste Test: Super Bowl Beer

Have the ads worked yet? Is your house properly stocked with Bud Light and Doritos and GoDaddy domain names? For Taste Test this week, let Y&H know what beers you drank during the Super Bowl. (You did drink beer, right? Anything else would be un-American.) Tell me what you drank, either in the comments here […]

Taste Test: Bud Light Wheat

On Monday I asked you to help me with my difficult job and taste some beer. Now, the particular beer in question was Bud Light Wheat, the type of watery, NFL-commercial dishwater that keeps people who would enjoy a good wheat beer from ever trying a Weihenstephaner or Hoegaarden or Allagash White. But I wanted […]