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Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Few things drive traffic like controversy and free food, and we had plenty of both last week on Y&H. Sometimes they intersected in the same post, if you looked at all the comments from last week's Target "grocery" giveaway at Union Station. (Seeds, I guess, could one day turn into weekly groceries, but only if […]

Free Groceries Today and Tomorrow at Union Station

UPDATED: 1:45 p.m. 10/14/2010 This sounds like a joke, right, given the closest grocery store to Union Station is probably the Yes! Organic Market on Pennsylvania Avenue SE? The offer, however, appears legit. I have the corporate PR e-mail right here. It seems Target is celebrating its newly redesigned stores, which now feature fresh produce […]

Food News You Can Use: Is D.C. a ‘Food City’? Are You Tired of People Asking?

There's lots of news to pass along, so let's not waste time with idle blog-chat. The Prez parties at graham elliot in Chicago for his 49th. [Obama Foodorama] Is D.C. a "food city" or just a second-rate Big Apple? [Grub Street] Metrocurean is getting a facelift, complete with video. [Metrocurean]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Domino's Pizza: Perhaps doesn't suck as hard as it used to? The snowmageddon has laid waste to most of our weekend plans here at Y&H Central, which is a pisser. Maybe Carrie and I will, instead, take part in the urban adventure offered by a few restaurants and bars, which are planning to ride the […]

Dana Thompson Offers an Alternative Take on Target Shopping

Reader Dana Thompson had a few choice words for Young & Hungry following my rant this morning on crisis shopping and my suggestion that people turn to Target instead of their local grocery store. Dana Thompson wrote the following rebuttal rant, which I liked enough to ask to publish on the blog. Dana Thompson agreed […]

If You Must Buy Enough Supplies for a Stand Down with ATF Agents, Go to Target

First of all, as Jason Cherkis sort of points out while waiting for the heavens and check-out lines to move at Harris Teeter yesterday, people need to get a grip about the pending Snowmageddon. We're getting a couple feet of snow, not two feet of nuclear fall0ut. This is a winter storm, people, not The […]