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Water (Filtered or Not) Is Now Entirely Free at Elisir

Enzo Fargione's Elisir, the newish Italian eatery in Penn Quarter that attracted a ton of attention over its 29-cent fee for filtered tap water, has now decided to provide the liquid refreshment for free. This is the second time this week that the restaurant has altered its position on the matter. In an email to […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Rabbit Boudin Edition

Bring on the rabbit boudin! Drew Trautmann's District Kitchen opens Wednesday. [Post] More false advertising from Taylor Gourmet? It turns out, the real mayor didn't show up for the fancy sandwich shop's grand opening festivities on 14th Street NW on Tuesday. When the operators said "mayoral ribbon cutting," they were apparently talking about these guys. […]

Elisir’s Tap Water Fee Cheaper Than A Glass In Vegas

Here's more fodder for the ongoing debate about the new Elisir restaurant's 29-cent surcharge for filtered tap water: it seems that Border Grill at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas is charging a "water fee" of 50 cents per glass. As chef Enzo Fargione helpfully pointed out yesterday, the charge at Elisir is applied per guest, […]

D.C. Water Gives Its Two Cents On Elisir’s 29-Cent Water Surcharge

All the chatter this week about the cost of water (29 cents per guest for filtered tap) at chef Enzo Fargione's new Penn Quarter eatery Elisir, which opens Wednesday night, left me parched for more info. I wondered, what's the average price of tap water, anyway? You know, for the guy who is actually paying […]

Here’s Why Elisir Is Charging You 29 Cents For Water

"The city water in D.C. is notoriously bad and in deference to our guests' health we don't want to offer 'Chateau Potomac.' If people insist, we will of course oblige them with tap water, but we feel that bottomless sparkling or still bottled water for .29[cents] is more than fair."—Justin Kraemer, general manager of Penn […]

A Refreshing Surprise: D.C. Tap Water Ranks Among Top 25 [UPDATED]

On Tuesday, a panel of judges from the American Water Works Association assembled to determine which city's tap water tastes best in 2011. Sampling our nation's finest waters were four water-quality experts, and, serving as local celebrity judge, WTOP reporter Neil Augustine. Among the thousands of samples battling it out, the District's water–which, not long […]

N.Y. Times: Our Tap Water Could Harm Us. L.A. Times: Collect Rain Water

You'll have to forgive me this morning if I sound a little punch drunk. I just got done reading a pair of stories about municipal water supplies while downing a glass of Takoma Park's finest. I'm feeling a little light headed. I'm not sure it's because of the articles or the tap water. The Times (East Coast version) has […]

Beware of Tap Water That Reminds You of Cherry Blossoms

We in the District have had our problems with drinking water, but at least our taps never released anything that looked like some froufrou lemonade. Photo by yoppy