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Oh, Truck It: Surfside Tacos Is D.C.’s Latest Mobile Food Vendor (For Now)

Glover Park taco shop Surfside today unveils its new food truck. As I write this, the roving tortilla trolley is parked outside Fannie Mae, 3900 Wisconsin Ave NW. Follow its movements via Twitter: @surfsidetruckdc Logo courtesy of Surfside

Words to Eat By: Pop-up Tacos on H St.

If you're looking for a quick and tasty food option on H Street NE, Tacos Impala—a pop-up taco joint brought to us by the ever entrepreneurial Erik Bruner-Yang and Troy Hickman (of the upcoming Toki Underground) and situated in the seasonally-shuttered Philadelphia Water Ice space between 12th and 13th streets—has been getting great reviews, with […]

Tequila Shots and Fish Tacos at Surfside in Glover Park

My first thought walking into Surfside wasn’t exactly flattering: This place looks like Chipotle meets Folly Beach. Not that there’s anything wrong with Chipotle — I actually like the place — but I came here to write about bar food. I'm sorry, but selling Coronas and margaritas doesn’t make Chipotle a bar anymore than it does […]

Cast a Vote, Get a Free Taco at California Tortilla

As far as promotions go, this one is pretty simple: Wear your smug "I Voted" sticker (one that you got at a polling station, not one that you tore off your co-worker's chest in anger) and get a free taco today at California Tortilla. It's a promotion with a civic mind. Well, to a degree. […]

District Taco Makes a Move to the Great Indoors

It seems appropriate that, on the heels of this week's cover story about food trucks and the brick and mortars that want to slash their tires (metaphorically speaking, OK?!), Y&H should focus on District Taco, a food cart that's moving to the great indoors. Owner Osiris Hoil figures it only makes sense to place his […]

Chow’s Supertaster Takes on Taco Bell’s Street-Food Inspired Tacos

Leave it to Chow's enterprising James Norton, he of the supertaster disposition, to tackle the latest fast-food controversy: Taco Bell's roll out this month of its Cantina Tacos line, which is the national chain's attempt to keep it real, man. The mega-food-service tacos are allegedly based on genuine Latin street food. The media backlash has […]

Is the Newfound Interest in Food Trucks a Classic Case of Classism?

Shut Up, Foodies! is a delightfully cheeky site — sort of the thinking man's Food Network Humor. It's a destination that loves to skewer the pretensions of the food world, as declared in SUF's in-your face manifesto, which reads in part: Your chickens won't save the world and we don't want the life story of […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Taqueria La Placita

If you want Ethiopian cooking, you head to 9th Street NW. If you want Vietnamese, you program your GPS for the Eden Center. But Mexican food? You might as well fly to San Antonio. At least that’s how desperate I sometimes feel when discussing Washington’s south-of-the-border offerings. Seriously, when one of the area’s favorite “Mexican” […]

A Tale of Two Tacos: Oyamel vs. La Placita

Let me acknowledge from the start that this is an unfair comparison. You can't begin to compare the costs and value of a Penn Quarter Mexican restaurant run by a celebrity chef with a suburban taqueria designed for Latinos. Still, look at the difference in these photos: The top one is the pancita de puerco […]

Vox Populi: Restaurant Rater DanniZ on Oyamel

First it was a Penn Quarter chatter who wanted to know why everyone kisses José Andrés' ass. Now it's Restaurant Rater, DanniZ, who takes down the celebrity chef for charging for chips and salsa at Oyamel. (To be clear, the first round of chips and salsa is free here; after that, you pay $4 per […]