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To Eat Tonight: Sweetbread ‘McNuggets,’ ‘Animal Style’ Fries At The Big Board & More

Fans of fast food and craft brew will get a mouthful tonight at The Big Board on H Street NE, which is co-hosting a beer dinner with the folks from D.C. own's Chocolate City brewery. On the menu: "Animal-style" french fries in homage to the West Coast's heralded In-N-Out Burger chain, veal sweetbread "McNuggets," and […]

Quick Feeding: What’s Taco Bell’s Beef Content?

Damage Control: Did you hear about the class-action lawsuit in Alabama that accuses Taco Bell of using a taco meat filler that's only 36 percent beef? According to Taco Bell, the chain uses 88 percent "USDA-inspected quality beef." Yum! [Eater Nat'l] Perplexing Quote of the Day: "I’m not quite sure what this 'AOL' is but […]

Chow’s Supertaster Takes on Taco Bell’s Street-Food Inspired Tacos

Leave it to Chow's enterprising James Norton, he of the supertaster disposition, to tackle the latest fast-food controversy: Taco Bell's roll out this month of its Cantina Tacos line, which is the national chain's attempt to keep it real, man. The mega-food-service tacos are allegedly based on genuine Latin street food. The media backlash has […]

Super Delicious Ingredient Force: Super Insidious

If the Super Delicious Ingredient Force is part of Taco Bell's plan to build an icon as cuddly to kids as Ronald McDonald, I have just one small piece of advice: You might want to rethink the cartoon character that looks like it was pinched out by a Labrador. I mean, seriously, doesn't Commander Seasoned […]

The Taco Bell Folk Song Order

The Makeover of the Union Station Food Court Has Begun

It's been more than two years since Wingmaster's Grill, the beloved chicken outlet on the lower-level food court at Union Station, was run out on a rail. At the time, a number of vendors feared they would eventually suffer a similar fate, as management company Jones Lang LaSalle looked to replace the independent food-court operators […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

I don't know about you, but between the cold weather and the post-vacation stupor, your semi-friendly Y&H just hasn't been able to embrace the work-at-all-costs mentality yet. I'm feeling so, so unAmerican. I have, however,  enjoyed mixing it up again on the blog, and you readers have been clicking in droves this week. I (and […]

The Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet: You Don’t Even Have to Lift Your Ass from the Car to Lose Weight!

Whoever devised the name of the Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet deserves a place in the marketing hall of fame, right next to the dudes who conjured up the Crystal Clear Amoco Ultimate premium gasoline ("better for the environment"!) and the Cheerios heart-healthy campaign ("Clinically PROVEN to Help Reduce Cholesterol!"). It's the phrase "Drive-Thru" that's pure genius. […]

Secret Fast-Food Menus: Truth or Myth?

Not that your friendly Y&H is a cynic, but when I saw this article on Mental Floss, I immediately thought, "I bet you can't get half of these 'secret' menu items at your local _____ (fill in the fast-food outlet)." So I went to my nearby Starbucks in Adams Morgan and asked the barista for […]

The Onion News Network Reports on Taco Bell’s ‘Green’ Menu

The brilliant parody aims for and hits a number of targets: corporations jumping onto the green bandwagon, vacuous TV morning programs, even the dining public's naivete over what foods are really good for the environment. Taco Bell's New Green Menu Takes No Ingredients From Nature