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Don’t Be the Jerk Who Doesn’t Show Up for a Valentine’s Day Table You Booked

Dino owner Dean Gold has heard every excuse—real or not—about why you couldn’t show up for your dinner reservation. “‘Oh, you know, we had a medical emergency,’” says Gold, repeating one common refrain. “And we’ve heard insanely tragic ones. We heard someone had a miscarriage.” Some swear they cancelled last week, when, in fact, they [...]

Table Gives Up on Hand-Writing Every Single Menu

For the past year, every page of nearly every menu at Table has been handwritten in pencil. Graphic designer An Ly of D.C.-based The General Design Company was behind the penmanship of the first batch. Ly told Y&H last year that it took her two to three hours to complete each of notebook-style menus, which spanned seven pages front [...]

D.C.’s Best Kitchen Counter Seats

Most diners eat out to get away from the kitchen, but at a handful of local restaurants, stoveside is where you’ll find the best, most exclusive seats in the house. Which should be obvious: Watching a top-tier chef prepare your meal can be like seeing a magician reveal his trick. Just don’t be shy: “We [...]

Try Menu at Table This December

Frederik de Pue's new restaurant Menu, which will replace what was Azur in Penn Quarter, isn't set to open until January. But you can get an early taste of dishes from Menu's third floor bistro and bar at de Pue's Shaw restaurant Table from Dec. 9 through 11. A three-course menu will be available for [...]

Coming Soon: Caviar at Azur and Crepes at Table

It's a busy month for budding restaurateur Frederik de Pue: he's opening his second D.C. restaurant Azur in Penn Quarter on April 18 and launching brunch at his Shaw spot Table on April 20. The menu is now online for contemporary European seafood restaurant Azur, located in the former Café Atlántico and Minibar building. The first-floor [...]

Sign of Spring: Pink Everything at Table Restaurant

Table is officially the most color-coordinated restaurant in town. When the Shaw restaurant opened, Y&H reported that chef and owner Frederik de Pue planned to match the color of the menus with the color of the kitchen crew's aprons, and that the hues would rotate with the seasons. It turns out that de Pue also [...]

Nice Pair: Two New Restaurants Are Bringing Chef Frederik de Pue Into the Spotlight

There’s hardly a thing inside Table that chef Frederik de Pue hasn’t touched with his own hands. Sitting on the wooden bench he designed that spans the length of the new Shaw restaurant, he describes how he conceived everything from the layout of the dining room, with its nowhere-to-hide open kitchen and fresh herbs hanging [...]

Table’s Menus Took Up to 75 Hours to Hand-Write in Pencil

Don't you dare spill on the menus at Frederik de Pue's new Shaw restaurant Table. Each one took two to three hours to hand-write. The seven page notebook-style menus are scrawled in pencil—front and back. Soung Wiser of D.C.-based The General Design Company, which created the menus, says that because the neighborhood vibe of the [...]

New Opening Dates for Frederik de Pue’s Restaurants Table and Azur

It's quite ambitious for a first-time restaurateur to open two restaurants within a month or two of each other, but it appears that's exactly what chef Frederik de Pue now has planned. After several delays, de Pue's Shaw restaurant Table is now set to open Jan. 18. He hopes to have his seafood-centric Penn Quarter restaurant [...]

Frederik De Pue Opening a Restaurant in Former Café Atlántico Building

Think Food Group has sold the Penn Quarter building that housed Café Atlántico, Minibar, and America Eats Tavern to chef Frederik De Pue and his investors, who plan to open a new restaurant in the space by the end of the year. The Belgian native worked in some top European restaurants before moving to D.C. [...]