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The Ultimate Sin Tax

When budgets run short, American lawmakers love to take a bite out of those trio of scoundrels known as gasoline, tobacco, and alcohol, with the hope that governments will fill their coffers and we'll cut down our consumption.  Never mind that taxes haven't helped much in at least one category. But now comes the news […]

The ‘Deviled Eggs’ at ACKC Cocoa Bar

These delicate, egg-shaped confections are Rob Kingsbury's contribution to the spring and Easter seasons at ACKC Cocoa Bar. The chocolate shells (both white and dark) contain some piped yellow frosting, which is sprinkled with red sugar crystals to resemble paprika. They're ingenious  — and, sadly, more delightful to gaze upon than eat. I found them […]

Make Maple Snow Cones. The Main Ingredient Is Right Outside Your Door.

If snow storms do one thing in particular, they force us to adjust to a simplier lifestyle, the kind that our forebears took for granted, never knowing that later generations would consider living off the land immediately around them, you  know, really goddamn boring. (Where's the Xbox 360 controller, honey?) But snow storms force us to become […]