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The Truck Stops Here: The Food Scene Feels the Squeeze of the Government Shutdown

In the shadow of the Department of Transportation, the intersection of 7th and C streets SW should be packed with food trucks and people on a sunny 80-degree Friday. But instead of the usual 18 trucks, there are just 11. And although lines start to form at noon, they’re shorter than normal. Many food trucks […]

Some Food Trucks Shut Down Along With the Government

When PORC food truck hit the streets on Tuesday, co-owner Josh Saltzman gave his crew specific instructions: Don't to go anywhere near a government building. L'Enfant Plaza, normally one of the most popular food truck destinations, has become a lunchtime ghost town amid the government shutdown. Instead, PORC headed to Franklin Park. But that wasn't […]

Outside L’Enfant Metro: The Center of the Food Truck Universe

Part of the joy and frustration of food trucks is hunting them down. With a hand-held device and a working Twitter account — assuming you don't run into this lazy whale — you can take part in the culinary equivalent of geocaching. Some days, of course, I don't find the food-truck-hunting game very entertaining (particularly […]

Former Scientist Hits the Streets in Sweetbites Truck

From the little window in her new Sweetbites truck, Sandra Panetta told me she had just quit her job at the EPA the day before. I asked if she were a scientist, and Panetta said she was, a biochemist in fact. According to her own short bio page, the scientist didn't just up and quit […]