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The Matchbook Isn’t Quite Dead, Just Ask Matchbox Food Group

A semi-regular look at a fleeting form of restaurant swag in smoking ban-era D.C. On its website, Barracks Row restaurant Ted's Bulletin is described as "a real American classic joint with a bit of style." One bit of style is especially classic—practically anachronistic, in fact. I'm referring to the old-school-style free matchbooks that are readily […]

The Matchbook Isn’t Quite Dead: Graffiato’s Picky Variation on the Old Swag

Like my predecessor here at Young & Hungry, I'm sort of obsessed with matchbooks. Once the most prominent form of restaurant promotional items, the striking souvenirs now seem like an endangered species, thanks to widespread smoking bans and other factors dwindling their numbers. Every now and then, you read a story about how matches are […]

That Free Slurpee Sort of Sucked

You know the saying about looking a gift horse in the mouth. Well, whoever came up with that stupid phrase likely never wrangled with the bitter lingering aftertaste of free Slurpee day. 7-Eleven celebrated its 84th birthday on Monday, what with the date being 7/11 and all, which meant one thing: free Slurpees for the […]