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Overeating Oysters Is Your ‘Patriotic Duty': Sustainable Seafood Guru Barton Seaver

Grist magazine checks in with former Hook and Blue Ridge chef Barton Seaver for a little Q&A. Seaver is the author of a new cookbook, For Cod and Country, which is chock full of recipes for "alternatives to the obvious seafood choices that have become unsustainable for our ocean ecosystems." In the interview, Seaver plays […]

Costco to Stop Sale of Orange Roughy, Other Fish From Unsustainable Stocks

Remember orange roughy? It's a fish that was plentiful on restaurant dinner menus a generation ago. But it's been overfished for years, and if you know a thing or two about sustainable seafood, you know full well that orange roughy is on the "Avoid" list. Costco, under pressure from Greenpeace and a campaign, has […]

Local Chefs Do Their Part to Fight Lionfish Invasion

The venomous lionfish, an invasive species that has ravaged coral reef ecosystems in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and East Coast, has one real predator: humans. And area chefs have been doing what they can to help in the efforts to control its spread—by serving it. Xavier Deshayes, the executive chef of the Ronald Reagan […]

Barton Seaver’s Cookbook to Cater to the Walmart Crowd

I had been trying to reach Barton Seaver for weeks, hoping he might have something to say about his short time at Blue Ridge and about the Glover Park eatery's new focus on beer. But Seaver is a busy man, and we missed phone calls on several occasions. It was only late last week that […]

One Solution to Invasive Species? Eat ‘Em.

Mr. Sustainable Seafood — you know, Barton Seaver, chef at Blue Ridge and your favorite punching bag — is serving up a multi-course dinner on Friday to accompany a screening of Rupert Murray’s documentary, The End of the Line .  Seaver's main course? A preparation of red lionfish. Never heard of red lionfish? It's not […]

Fromartz Solicits Opinions on How Nobu Can Deal With BluefinGate

Samuel Fromartz, author of Organic, Inc. and winner of City Paper's baguette competition, posted a piece on Huffington Post this week, soliciting professional advice on how Nobu Matsuhisa could resolve the escalating conflict over the sushi chef's decision to continue selling bluefin tuna at his famous Nobu chain. If y'all haven't heard, the bluefin breeding […]

Barton Seaver on Sustainable Seafood on the Kojo Nnamdi Show

In case you missed it, former Hook chef Barton Seaver was just on The Kojo Nnamdi Show, along with Baltimore Sun reporter Candy Thomson and the Ocean Conservancy's Tom McCann, talking about sustainable seafood and the illegal trafficking in rockfish. The program will be available online on the Nnamdi Show's page on Before he […]