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Is An All-You-Can-Eat Oyster Fest Really The Best Way To Promote Sustainability?

An extravagant festival where some 4,000 oysters will be fried, mashed into a stuffing, grilled, presented on the half shell, and served stewed, too, might not sound like the best way to help sustain the endangered mollusks. But there's some logic to the smorgasbord strategy of "Oysterstock," the $75-per-person charity event taking place Sunday at […]

Why Doesn’t My Favorite Brewery Distribute to D.C.?

It's Dear "Abbey" week on Y&H. Foodie Tim Carman is on vacation, leaving us beer bloggers (plus special guest Greg Engert of ChurchKey) to write exclusively about beer. In this "ask-the-beer-bloggers" post, we turn to a question about beer distribution from reader Dave H., who asks: I’d be curious to see a write up regarding distribution […]

More Gasbagging on the Future of Food

Y&H has a fascination with folks who like to predict future dining/eating trends. They're a bit like soothsayers and snake-oil salesmen, but with better job titles. The perky people over at the Food Channel sent me this particular batch of predictions, most of which seem obvious and maybe even outdated. I don't know much about the […]

Serious Eat’s Levine: Food Issues Not a High Priority for Obama

Thank God for Ed Levine over at Serious Eats. He's not afraid to speak his mind about food, the problems of his ongoing diet, or the issues that Barack Obama (aka, Mr. Hope and Change) can actually address during his coming administration. Sustainability, organics, and other food issues won't be among them, he believes. Writes […]