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Chez Le Commis Will Pop Up at Le Bon Cafe on Nov. 17

Cassoulet for two will be available to-go.

Bizarre Underground Supper Club With Mystery Chefs Launches in April

D.C. has seen its fair share of underground supper clubs, but usually you at least have some idea of who's cooking. Not so for Arcane, which launches to the public on April 5 and promises a "radical and esoteric approach to the art of cuisine" and "addictive pleasures in the form of food, libations, skin, art and music." Even […]

Shrimp and Hits? Here’s Marcus Samuelsson’s New Menu For The Reborn Howard Theatre

In this week's City Paper cover story, authors Ally Schweitzer and Michael J. West offer "a guide to not mismanaging" the historic city-owned and recently refurbished Howard Theatre. One step in the right direction: serving food and alcohol—"gobs of it." In the article, managing exec Steven Bensusan boasts, “There are other venues in the market […]

Can You Match The Seasonal Pantry Dish With The Wu-Tang Tune That Inspired It?

Seasonal Pantry's Dan O'Brien offered Y&H a sneak peek at the finalized menu for his sold-out "Wu-Tang Dinner" series, which begins tonight at the popular supper club in Shaw. Each of O'Brien's dishes corresponds with a song by the influential Staten Island hip-hop troupe Wu-Tang Clan. (As you might have guessed, O'Brien is a big […]