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The Super List: Beers to Try This Summer

When D.C. weather is as hot and sticky as it has been the past few weeks, staying inside and popping open a cold one is about the only thing you can do. I keep track of all the suds I consume and from time to time offer a "Super List" of the ones I feel […]

The Super List: October 2010

Before officially ringing in the new year, I am looking back at 2010 to reminisce about all the delicious beers I came across. (I am also playing catch-up on last year's New Year's resolution. Still counts, right?) This Super List post has the beers that tickled my fancy in October, consisting of some timely fresh-hopped beers, […]

The Super List: September 2010

All this end-of-the-year catch up on Super List writing is turning out to be a nice way to reminisce about the fantastic beers I enjoyed in 2010 (but it's also making me very thirsty). Below are beers that earned my "super" rating in the month of September, where I got them, and what I thought of […]

The Super List: August 2010

The year-end month-by-month playback continues with my Super List for August. Most of the month's beers were consumed at friend's homes instead of out at bars or organized beer events, but I attended my first of what turned out to be a hybrid between the two experiences, a local tasting. I was invited to a local meet […]

The Super List: June 2010

In these last days of 2010, thinking about New Year's resolutions made me realize I didn't quite follow through on one from last year. The Super List, my plan to thumb through my beer journal at the end of each month and post a list of beers I deemed worthy of a "super" rating, dropped off […]

The Super (Long) List: March 2010

We have fallen behind on the Super List, our series of each month's favorite beers. But we have big plans to make up for it! Out of the 65 beers we tasted in March (mostly small pours), today's post lists ten that particularly impressed. We'll soon be doing an additional post on some rare BrewDog beers we […]

The Super List: February 2010

For those who missed the list for January or our introduction to the series, we'll start with a quick catch-up on what the Super List is. In a nutshell, we like beer and we drink a lot of it. Tammy writes about the new brews we encounter in her beer journal. Some are rated as […]

Introducing the “Super” List: Monthly Favorite Beers

Several years ago when we were getting more studious about beer, Tammy started carrying around a list from The Brickskiller and checked off and rated each new beer she had. Her first scale, which was unique at best, meaningless at worst, had the following ratings: Super+, Super, Super-, OK++, OK+, OK, OK-, and Yuck. Bruce […]