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Screw You Super Bowl, the Championships Are Where It’s At: Part Two

What a weekend for football food! For as long as I’ve been throwing my Conference Championships party food orgy, there always seems to be one team that’s a challenge to cook for. Towns like Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Chicago have loads of great dishes that adapt easily to a home tailgate. Seattle and Indianapolis however… What […]

Screw You Super Bowl, the Championships Are Where It’s At

The NFL playoffs are coming, if you haven’t noticed. Three weekends of football are all we have left before the biggest Sunday night party of the year sends us back to the office Monday morning in a stupor. I’ve never loved Super Bowl parties. The game mercifully starts at 6:30 p.m., but somehow the event […]

Taste Test: Super Bowl Beer

On Monday I asked you what beers you all were enjoying during the Super Bowl, at which time I was double-fisting a surprisingly tasty Woodchuck Oak Aged Draft Cider and a frosty glass of humility (OK, and a Dale's Pale Ale). What did you have? Not fizzy Crap Light, that's for sure — Y&H readers […]

My Super Bowl Beer: Cider?

Super Bowl is prime beer time, and I was excited for the spread at my gracious friend's viewing party: chicken-and-steak nacho bar, homemade cookies, and a sixtel of Dale's Pale Ale. I hadn't had a beer in five days because of some flu nonsense, and I was ready to get in some, uh, professional research. […]

Taste Test: Super Bowl Beer

Have the ads worked yet? Is your house properly stocked with Bud Light and Doritos and GoDaddy domain names? For Taste Test this week, let Y&H know what beers you drank during the Super Bowl. (You did drink beer, right? Anything else would be un-American.) Tell me what you drank, either in the comments here […]

Super Bowl Party Tips from

I just realized this morning that is the digital generation's Heloise, serving up all kinds of weird and wonderful advice on the gastronomic front. (And if you think Heloise wasn't cool, I highly encourage you to read Ian Frazier's brilliant piece on the advice columnist, "Nobody Better, Better Than Nobody." Then check out this easy, […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits from the Young & Hungry Blog

This is depressing. The No. 1 item for the week was last week's celebrity-sighting post from the inauguration, which I'll dismiss faster than Lindsay Lohan from her latest rehab session. So starting with the No. 2 most popular post, here's this week's Top 5: The Obamas Hire Their Own Personal Chef, After All Urban Bar-B-Que […]

One Way to Counter PETA’s Media Manipulation: Squirrel Melts!

Advertising Age's Ken Wheaton was so ticked off by PETA's latest attempt to stir controversy—another, ho-hum, rejected sexy Super Bowl ad—that the blogger decided to counter the animal rights group's media manipulation with a video that he hopes will go viral. Squirrel melts, anyone? Okay, Ken, I'll bite.

Which Super Bowl Contender Has Better Food?

Endless Simmer isn't waiting for the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers to settle the score on the field this Sunday. The blog has decided to pick a winner based on which locale has better food. It's a tough contest, mostly because both regions appear to have a huge weakness for excess. Pittsburgh, for example, has […]

Our Super Round-Up of Super Bowl Recipes

I realize that a ton of people who watch the Super Bowl don't actually like football, which probably explains why there are so many stories that focus on ways to improve the usual grease-and-carb plates associated with sports TV. True football fans, of course, don't care what you feed them during the game; they'd gnaw […]