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Sauce-O-Meter: How Recent Food Happenings Measure Up

Taiwanese fried chicken at Maketto is mumbo sauce. Faux speakeasies are lame sauce.

Five Subways and Four Other Fast Food Restaurants Closed For Unpaid Taxes

The D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue shut down five Subway shops, a Dunkin' Donuts, KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut today after the owner of the businesses, Yasmin Parveen, failed to pay the city close to $500,000 in sales taxes. The tax office revoked the businesses' sales and use tax certificates (prohibiting them from selling food and beverages) after […]

Mixed Veggies: Ask Subway for Tofurky, Food Network Promotes Meatless Monday

Quick hits on the meatless beat The Campaign Continues: Meatless Mondays receives another bump in coverage as Kelly DiNardo asks local chefs for meatless recipes on the new Food Network based, City Eats, a combination blog, reservation and deals site launched in D.C. last week. Tofurkey Delight: Via Twitter, Subway encouraged its meatless eaters to tell […]

The Makeover of the Union Station Food Court Has Begun

It's been more than two years since Wingmaster's Grill, the beloved chicken outlet on the lower-level food court at Union Station, was run out on a rail. At the time, a number of vendors feared they would eventually suffer a similar fate, as management company Jones Lang LaSalle looked to replace the independent food-court operators […]

The Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet: You Don’t Even Have to Lift Your Ass from the Car to Lose Weight!

Whoever devised the name of the Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet deserves a place in the marketing hall of fame, right next to the dudes who conjured up the Crystal Clear Amoco Ultimate premium gasoline ("better for the environment"!) and the Cheerios heart-healthy campaign ("Clinically PROVEN to Help Reduce Cholesterol!"). It's the phrase "Drive-Thru" that's pure genius. […]

Better Know a Sandwich Artist: Uma Mali

After six years working at the Subway in Cleveland Park (3520 Connecticut Ave. NW), you'd think manager Uma Mali would get sick of the airy bread, the pressed meats, the sliced cukes. But no. "I eat it every day. I never get tired of the sandwiches," she says. Today it was the veggie burger: "I […]

Better Know a Sandwich Artist: Farzana Afroz

A woman at the Subway sandwich shop on Good Hope Road SE has a special request. She wants the $5 footlong sub, with a twist. She wants to switch out the ham in the footlong club for the roast beef. That's an upgrade—only eight sub categories are eligible for the $5 come-on. The request puts […]

Better Know a Subway Customer

If the Subway located at 1100 New Jersey Ave. SE were anywhere else besides the retail Dead Zone that is the Navy Yard, its status as the busiest Subway in the District of Columbia might actually mean something. As it is, the title means that along with the Five Guys next door and the popcorn […]

Better Know a Sandwich Artist: Shuva Sharma

Shuva Sharma takes the bus to Subway. The 31-year-old sandwich artist from Nepal lives downtown and practices his profession at the Subway location at 3275 M St. NW, right in the middle of the Georgetown maw. He's here on a one-year work visa and lives with his brother, a Starbucks employee. The ride to work […]

Michael Phelps the New Jared at Subway?

Baltimore native Michael Phelps is going to be Subway's next pitchman. It's not clear exactly what the celebrated swimmer will do for the sandwich chain, though the press release announcing the deal says, helpfully, that "Mr. Phelps will be representing the brand across all marketing channels..." But that's not the cringe-worthy quote from the release. […]