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How Much Should a Writer Reveal When Reviewing a Strip Club Steakhouse?

That was the question I pondered after a City Paper editorial meeting last week in which editor Michael Schaffer, showing off again his ridiculous ability for recall, pointed out that Frank Bruni came out of the closet with his review of the Penthouse Executive Club for the Times. For the record, Bruni didn't exactly claim […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Young & Hungry has become Spiked TV or something like that. For the second week in a row, Spike Mendelsohn has dominated the blog, both with the news of his New York-style pizzeria, due to open today, and with the old, never-say-die story about his apartment eviction on Capitol Hill. Take a look at the […]

The Stadium Club Combines Steaks and Strippers

The Stadium Club isn't the first strip joint — oh, I can feel the owner cringing now about the use of that cheap term — to inject  steakhouse sophistication into a business of peddling another kind of flesh. I used to live in Houston, otherwise known as the Strip Joint Capital of the Free World, […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on the Young & Hungry Blog

There's no mistaking that Young & Hungry readers love their beer. They love it in a glass. They love it in a growler. And they love it in print. The single most-read item of the week — by a wide, wide margin — was Beerspotter Orr Shtuhl's post on the inaugural D.C. Beer Week. I predict […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on the Young & Hungry Blog

Most folks saw the Beer Summit as a chance to talk race relations in America. The readers of Y&H saw it as a chance to bash the participants for their lousy taste in brew. Orr Shtuhl's post on the suds summit was the runaway hit of the week, but his follow-up on Obama's disastrous taste in light quaffs […]

Strip Club Food: Not as Nasty as You’d Think

As part of yesterday's Sex and the City Paper experiment, Y&H got the privilege of eating in front of naked women. I had lunch at Camelot Show Bar and, at the urging of a certain restaurateur known to date strippers, I ate dinner at the innocuous-sounding Crystal City Restaurant. My stomach is fine this morning. […]