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Hardy’s Barbecue Available on the Streets of Bethesda

It was the sign that hooked me. There it was, a simple hand-painted sandwich board straddling the median on Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda. Its message was direct: PIT BBQ. An arrow pointed right. I turned right. I eventually ran right into Hardy's, a big white truck parked just outside the Montgomery Farm Women's Cooperative. The […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Y&H, to paraphrase R. Crumb's old '70s slogan, keeps on food truckin'. Y'all can't seem to get enough of these little mobile eateries. Three of the top five items last week concerned the District's ever-improving food truck scene (and what it means for those of us who embrace it). Take a look: Is the Newfound […]

Y&H Visits the Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck

The Red Hook Lobster Pound truck's opening day on Farragut Square was too depressing to ponder for any period of time. Y&H had, like many other bloggers around town, helped to create a monster. The wait for a lobster roll was two hours, perhaps longer. After reading the opening-day coverage, I was fairly certain of […]

Chow’s Supertaster Takes on Taco Bell’s Street-Food Inspired Tacos

Leave it to Chow's enterprising James Norton, he of the supertaster disposition, to tackle the latest fast-food controversy: Taco Bell's roll out this month of its Cantina Tacos line, which is the national chain's attempt to keep it real, man. The mega-food-service tacos are allegedly based on genuine Latin street food. The media backlash has […]

Is the Newfound Interest in Food Trucks a Classic Case of Classism?

Shut Up, Foodies! is a delightfully cheeky site — sort of the thinking man's Food Network Humor. It's a destination that loves to skewer the pretensions of the food world, as declared in SUF's in-your face manifesto, which reads in part: Your chickens won't save the world and we don't want the life story of […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

D.C. Beer Week had a little of everything — and a lot of a hoppy beverages — but the beer nerd's answer to Restaurant Week still took a backseat to the District's other hot trend: food trucks. The Red Hook Lobster Pound truck continues to hog all the attention, but  Y&H readers also took an […]

Tell D.C. Council Not to Restrict Street Food Vending in the District

If you've been following Twitter today, you know that local food trucks have been asking more of you than usual. These new mobile vendors are collectively banding together to make their voices heard at the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and, by extension, the D.C. Council. And they need your help. They realize […]

The Spy Diner Food Cart Gets an Upgrade

The other day, Y&H was returning to the office after lunch when I spotted the new Zola on the Go food cart, located not far from where the Spy Diner food cart used to cop a squat. Knowing that Zola and Spy City Cafe share the same parent group, I asked the man inside the […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Not even the lobster truck could compete with Five Guys Last week was one for the record books, thanks to the baffling whims of the interwebs. A four-paragraph item about Five Guys topping the hamburger category in the 2010 Zagat fast food survey went viral, generating tens of thousands of hits and causing our poor […]

Lobster Truck Has ‘Em Hooked Already

The Red Hook Lobster Pound truck finally made its debut today on Farragut Square, where City Paper's own Kim Chi Ha snapped this pic. She estimated there were 50 people waiting in line for a lobster roll. She returned to the scene 90 minutes later and discovered the line was even longer. People are bitching […]