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Gut Reaction: José Andrés’ Pricey Pepito Might Be Worth The Full Jackson

Y&H is loathe to heap any more praise on overly celebrated D.C. chef José Andrés. The guy has already won the coveted James Beard Award for "Outstanding Chef," after all, and has more publicists following him around than Jesus Christ. By and large, the food writers in this town tend to chronicle his every move […]

Quick Feeding: D.C.’s Chinatown Just Isn’t Double-Cooked Enough

Misfortune Cookie: "DC is no Beijing or Hong Kong, nor is it New York or San Francisco or Los Angeles. But there's no obvious reason that the city, accommodating a steady stream of cosmopolitan and international population, should be content dwelling in a cesspool of Chinese/ethnic food mediocrity." [The Atlantic] Head of the Class-Action: A […]

And the Winner of the Curbside Cookoff Is…

OK, maybe the voting system for the Curbside Cookoff wasn't the most foolproof on earth. At least no one was electing leaders to rule an unruly country. The worst that could happen is that an unworthy food truck took home top honors. You be the judge if it did: The winner of the Curby Award […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Was it the David vs. Goliath storyline? Or the sheer absurdity of a nuisance trial based on that hot-grill perfume known as hamburger fumes? Or just that lawyers love reading about other lawyers in potentially precedent-setting cases? Whatever the reason, thousands of you clicked on Y&H's Steptoe & Johnson vs. Rogue States coverage last week. […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

If you haven't noticed already, we at Y&H Central decided it would be a good idea to stop confusing readers. We will no longer have separate spots on the website for the Young & Hungry blog and the Young & Hungry column. From now on, you'll find everything you want under this banner. For some […]

District Taco Makes a Move to the Great Indoors

It seems appropriate that, on the heels of this week's cover story about food trucks and the brick and mortars that want to slash their tires (metaphorically speaking, OK?!), Y&H should focus on District Taco, a food cart that's moving to the great indoors. Owner Osiris Hoil figures it only makes sense to place his […]

Why Are Two NoVa Food Vendors Participating in the Inaugural Curbside Cook-Off?

You may have already heard that the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs announced the 20 food vendors who will take part in the inaugural Curbside Cook-Off on Oct. 7 and 8 at CityCenterDC. The list is heavy on the newbie trucks that have generated so much controversy, but two vendors in particular stick out […]

Washingtonians Speak Up on Whether the City Should Put Restrictions on Food Trucks

Brick-and-mortar restaurants would like to see food trucks affixed to permanent sites or restricted to parking spots 100 feet away from any licensed eatery (which would essentially ban the mobile vendors from downtown). Drew Costley and Andrew George hit the streets themselves to ask you if D.C. should put restrictions on these rolling snack bars.

Food Truck Operators Talk About the Mean Streets of D.C.

This insightful video, produced by Drew Costley and Andrew George, is part of this week's cover story on food trucks and the regulatory battle they face to keep their business alive. Listen to three food truck owners explain some of the difficulties they face on the streets of D.C.

This Just In: The First Annual Curbside Cook-Off Set for Oct. 7 and 8

In what could become D.C.'s own version of the Vendy Awards, Brightest Young Things has just announced the First Annual Curbside Cook-Off set for next month on the site of the old convention center. BYT is partnering with DCRA and the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities to present the two-day event on October […]