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Brew In Town: Stone Enjoy By 02.15.13 IPA

Stone Enjoy By 02.15.13 IPA Where In Town: Irving Wine and Spirits, 3100 Mount Pleasant St. NW Price: $8.99/22 ounces Ticking Hop Bombs Freshness—it’s what separates a dazzlingly aromatic India pale ale from one that’s fine enough. Ideally, these beers are the stuff of poetry, bursting with pine, citrus, and tropical fruit. But those flavors […]

Drink Beer For Charity in Baltimore

Didn't get tickets to SAVOR? No sweat, the beer gods are smiling on you in the form of Santé: An Epicurean Adventure. The event, sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland, will be held Sunday, June 13, from 3-6pm at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. Tickets are $75 advance, $85 at the door, […]

Beerspotter’s Top 5 Beers of 2009

It wasn't easy, but during the delicious beer year that was 2009 I managed to taste every beer in the world. Well, OK not quite. But I tasted plenty, and from spankin' fresh IPAs to spicy Belgians to face-altering sour beers, it was nearly impossible to choose the five best. Again, my job is very, […]

Stone Might Open a Brewery in Europe

Southern California's Stone Brewing Co., makers of Arrogant Bastard and a panoply of big beers, announced yesterday in a web video that they are considering opening a second brewery across the Atlantic. They will release a request for proposal (RFP), a sort of open call for business proposals, allowing any number of business models to […]

Don’t Want to Cook For Thanksgiving? Drink Your Dinner This Year

The Internet is rife with Thanksgiving-themed beer pairings, so we've elected to take a slightly different tack. This  year why not drink beer made with the ingredients of all your Thanksgiving foods instead of eating the same old tired feast? It'll save you time in the kitchen, guaranteed. If you insist on cooking and need […]

Imbibe Vs. Beerspotter: Beers to Drink With a Burger

In the September/October issue of Imbibe, the editors selected their 99 favorite beers in different categories, such as seasonals or beers to drink with a burger. In "Imbibe Vs. Beerspotter," Y&H's Beerspotter takes each list to task. The editors of Imbibe write that their ideal burger beers "complement, rather than overwhelm" the flavors of their […]

Hopped Up on Beer: Notes From the IPA Tasting

Last week's Beerspotter column about Smuttynose IPA mentioned that the beer shined in a blind tasting against old standbys, such as Bell's Two-Hearted Ale, and was mistaken across the board for Stone IPA. It's exactly discoveries like this that make beer tastings so much fun — sometimes you'll find a new favorite and, in any […]

On July 4th Weekend, Buy American Beer

When I was little I once saw a Family Circus cartoon in which the father, on Independence Day, thanked China for their fireworks, Germany for their picnic of sausages and coleslaw, and so on. It was about as funny as, well, Family Circus — but the message stuck with me. So on that note, I […]