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What to Buy Now: Imperial Stout

Temperatures are in the 90s and the weekends are getting more and more pool-friendly, so why is practically every brewery in America is releasing their imperial stout now? Do they think June is the time when beer drinkers slap on the sunscreen and lean back in a beach chair with a snifter of 11 percent […]

Dogfish Head, Victory, and Stone Collaborate on Saison du BUFF

Usually I'm loathe to post yet another slickly produced promo video of brewers having a grand old time horsing around and making beer, especially while I sit in my anachronistically alcohol-free office. But it's cool to see the spicy, funky saison/farmhouse style of beer get some love in the latest "look how much fun we're […]

Beer Trip Envy: Stone’s Visit to Nøgne Ø and BrewDog

Pt1: Stone Skips Across the Pond from stonebrew on Vimeo. It's no secret that we love to go on beer-themed vacations and tend to work at least a little beer fun into most of our regular travel plans. Thanks to a recent post on Beer in Baltimore, we are experiencing some serious beercation envy and […]

SAVOR Tickets Go On Sale Today At Noon

SAVOR this, SAVOR that. We know some you probably prefer the tents-in-the-park version of a beer festival to what you might view as an overpriced, pretentious foodie event. But for beer afficionados like us who are willing to exchange a hefty chunk of our hard-earned cash for the chance to drink some of the country's […]

This Week: Brickskeller Strong Ales and 1905 Mardi Gras Delayed, ChurchKey Fills the Gap

Dry off those snowboots and get ready to head back out there. Although the Brickskeller has postponed their second night of strong ales, there is still plenty to do beerwise in DC this week. Tonight 21st Amendment founder Nico Freccia will be taking a winter holiday from his San Francisco can brewery to hang out at […]

News You Can Use on a Snowy Day: H Street Six-Inch Special

Has the snow given you cabin fever yet? If you haven't heard, several H Street bars are promising a dollar off drinks for every six inches of snow on the ground all day Friday and Saturday. This of course includes beer, just not any beverages under $2. Participating bars (so far) include The Red and […]

Paste Names Best 25 American Breweries

Paste Magazine's most recent "List of the Day" surveys the 25 best American breweries of the decade. Just hours after it was posted, a friend asked us what we thought. Overall, we think it's pretty solid. We've had beer from all of the breweries, some more than others, especially Paste's picks for the two top spots, […]

Spotted: Stone Beer on ‘Top Chef Masters’

Eagle-eyed beerspotters could catch a glimpse of real-live good beer on Wednesday's episode of Top Chef Masters, a Top Chef spinoff with more established chefs vying for charity money.

It was brief: on two occasions for a split-second, the camera showed contestant Graham Elliot Bowles drinking Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale, a hefty, hoppy black seasonal. However short-lived, the sighting felt like payback on behalf of all beer drinkers after sitting through ad after ad for Michelob Ultra — featuring, yes, Rollerblading.

I've seen Top Chef contestants actually drink Michelob Ultra, but I've also seen Brooklyn beers make it on the show. Were either of these product placements? Were both? The Stone likely wasn't, given its <1-second cameo. I also got to taste the Sublimely Self-Righteous at Savor; billed as a "black double IPA," it had dark-roasted coffee notes followed by a bulldozer of hops to clear your palette. Sadly I think this season's is all gone, but if you spot it, Tweet it!