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Create Your Own Steakhouse Press Release With This Handy Template

We created a Mad Libs-style press release template for all future D.C. steakhouses.

Will Claudia’s Steakhouse Be Even More Sexualized Than STK?

"Steaks for the Latin Lover" takes on "Not Your Daddy's Steakhouse."

Five Ugly Sweater Parties Happening This Month

Win prizes for looking terrible.

What Happens When He Orders a Salad and She Orders a Steak at STK

STK, the scene-y "Not Your Daddy's Steakhouse" geared toward females which opened in Dupont two weeks ago, just oozes gender stereotypes. The cocktails come with names like Rediscovered Cherry Cosmo and Dirty Pearls, and the menu is branded as "lighter" and "healthier" featuring "small" steak options, which seems to perpetuate the notion that women don’t want to eat […]

Red Carpet and Bare Midriff Models at STK’s Opening Party

Of course there was a red carpet at last night's opening party for STK. The swanky "Not Your Daddy's" steakhouse "geared toward females" officially opens today in Dupont in what was once a California Pizza Kitchen (as well as Casa Nonna). But yesterday, D.C.'s wannabe glamazons, pseudo-celebs, rich dudes, and lowly food writers such as myself […]

Dead Meat: Does D.C. Really Need More Steakhouses?

Washington just can’t seem to escape its reputation as a steak-and-potatoes town. For decades, the stereotypes of lobbyists with expense accounts cavorting over charred chunks of meat have overshadowed the city’s culinary cred. Only in recent years has the District started to erase memories of ribeyes and dudes in suits with its explosion of neighborhood […]