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Zola and Potenza To Close

The rumors are true: Stir Food Group restaurants Potenza and Zola will both close this summer. Zola is set to close June 30, and Potenza on Aug. 18. Zola Wine & Kitchen closed last month, but Potenza Wine Shop will remain open, says Zola manager Melissa Pinkerton. The Malrite Company, which also owns the Spy […]

The Spy Diner Food Cart Gets an Upgrade

The other day, Y&H was returning to the office after lunch when I spotted the new Zola on the Go food cart, located not far from where the Spy Diner food cart used to cop a squat. Knowing that Zola and Spy City Cafe share the same parent group, I asked the man inside the […]

Vox Populi: Y&H Rater kzimmer on Zola’s Restaurant Week Lunch

Restaurant Rater kzimmer wrote a thoughtfully detailed review of his/her Restaurant Week lunch at Zola, the Penn Quarter spot owned by the same group that recently opened Potenza, one of the subjects of this week's Y&H column. Here's what kzimmer had to say about Zola:

A Surprising Source for Terrific Meatball Sliders

The buns for these dainty sliders are so exquisite they look like catalog examples of the baker's craft. Their tops are golden and crusty, coated in a light (egg-wash?) sheen and sprinkled with salt and pepper, which give them the appearance of tanned men with male-pattern baldness. Juicy little lamb meatballs, at once tightly compressed and delicately […]

Italian Eateries Are Getting Quite Famoso in Downtown D.C.

When Galileo was forced to leave town in 2006, downtown D.C. was left with only a handful of decent Italian restaurants, including Tosca and the woefully underrated Spezie. But in recent months, the dearth has turned into a near glut. (Relax, you word mavens; I understand that "near glut" has all the contradictory overtones of […]