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Mr. Yogato and Thomas Foolery Accept Bitcoin

A Smirnoff Ice costs about .01 Bitcoins.

Slinging Smirnoff Ice for a Cause

Giving away all its profits to charity has yet to prove a fruitful model for temporarily closed Shaw "philanthropub" Cause. (So far, there haven't been any profits.) Now, Thomas Foolery, the wacky new bar from Mr. Yogato owner/rocket scientist Steve Davis, is trying a different gimmick to raise money for nonprofits: giving away all its tips. Over the last three weeks, Thomas Foolery has […]

Game On: A Rocket Scientist Opens the Wackiest Bar in Washington

A couple drinking Smirnoff Ice meditates over a Ouija board as the lights of Thomas Foolery fade from green to yellow to orange. Across the small cramped room, groups of 20- or 30-somethings play Mario Kart Wii and Connect 4. Bartenders serve up grilled cheeses and mini-bottles of Bacardi from behind a bar stocked with […]

12 Craziest Things About Thomas Foolery, Opening Wednesday

Mr. Yogato owner Steve Davis opens his first bar and restaurant, Thomas Foolery, on Wednesday at 11 a.m., replacing doughnut fume-plagued Zeke's DC Donutz at 2029 P St. NW. This may just be the wackiest eatery in Washington, with the motto "food for little kids, drinks for big kids, toys for everyone." Here are 12 […]

Mr. Yogato Owner Eyes Zeke’s DC Donutz Space For Goofy Restaurant and Bar

It's by no means a done deal, but Mr. Yogato owner Steve Davis is setting himself up to potentially take over the Dupont space that's home to Zeke's DC Donutz.  After neighbors and the landlord complained about doughnut fumes at Zeke's, the shop closed last month in order to resolve ventilation issues. The landlord, Grosvenor Urban Retail, even filed a lawsuit over […]

Code Pinkberry: Why Does D.C. Have So Much Frozen Yogurt?

Sitting in the fashionable plasticity of Pinkberry in Fairfax, I’m sampling my very first cup of the famous fro-yo, trying to imagine those heady days back in 2005 when the yogurt shop debuted in West Hollywood and created a whole new kind of addict. At the time, Angelenos were willing to suffer parking tickets, neighborhood […]