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Dupont Lawyers ‘Pleased’ That Foul Burger Smell Is Gone From Former Rogues States Location

National Law Journal checks in with the firm Steptoe & Johnson now that neighboring Dupont Circle burger joint Black & Orange—formerly called Rogue States—has re-opened after resolving problems with its kitchen ventilation system. The law firm sued last year over "smoke and food odors" emanating from the restaurant, allegedly causing its roster of counselors "headaches, […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Few things drive traffic like controversy and free food, and we had plenty of both last week on Y&H. Sometimes they intersected in the same post, if you looked at all the comments from last week's Target "grocery" giveaway at Union Station. (Seeds, I guess, could one day turn into weekly groceries, but only if […]

The Last Hours of Rogue States: The Owner Vows to Reopen

Rogue States fired up its grill for one final hurrah last night before complying with a court order to close down. The scene wasn't pretty — a general wave of sadness swept through the establishment as both patrons and employees voiced their disappointment. As the crowds kept pouring in for one last shot of Rogue, […]

The Rogue States Verdict: What Others Are Saying

Y&H wasn't the only one with thoughts on the Steptoe & Johnson vs. Rogue States verdict. Take a look: Above the Law: "Steptoe & Johnson is one of the few large law firms with a Twitter presence, but the firm has yet to tweet about how it chewed up and spat out Rogue States Burgers." […]

Rogue States Is Likely Closed for Good At Its Dupont Location

UPDATED: 5:36 p.m. 10/12/2010 When D.C. Superior Court Judge John M. Mott ruled this afternoon that Rogue States is a nuisance and needs to be abated immediately, he effectively issued a death sentence for the Dupont Circle burger joint. The judge left open the possibility that Rogue owner Raynold Mendizabal and his landlord, TRT, could […]

Judge Orders Rogue States to Cease Grilling

Breaking news from D.C. Superior Court: Judge John M. Mott has just ruled that the Rogue States burger operation is, as Steptoe & Johnson lawyers had claimed, a nuisance. And the burger joint, fumes from which had been contaminating the air in the law firm's offices, has to close up shop at the end of […]

Y&H Delivers His Own Verdict in Steptoe vs. Rogue States Trial

Except for some sweat-inducing minutes after lunch when I was still trying to write a blog item and stuff a bland Starbucks sandwich down my gullet, I heard every word of the Steptoe & Johnson vs. Rogue States trial last week. I'm no judge and have no grasp of the laws that pertain to private […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Was it the David vs. Goliath storyline? Or the sheer absurdity of a nuisance trial based on that hot-grill perfume known as hamburger fumes? Or just that lawyers love reading about other lawyers in potentially precedent-setting cases? Whatever the reason, thousands of you clicked on Y&H's Steptoe & Johnson vs. Rogue States coverage last week. […]

Are Burger Fumes Really Distracting?

The Trial of the Century (or at least of the month) has been ongoing all week in D.C. Superior Court, pitting international legal powerhouse Steptoe & Johnson against hamburger purveyor Rogue States. The lawyers are suing the burger guys, because, allegedly, fumes from the Rogue States kitchen are making their way into the Steptoe climate […]

BP Engineer Says that Steptoe’s Cafeteria Doesn’t Vent into the Law Offices

On Tuesday, the defense attorney in the Rogue States nuisance trial turned up the heat on the plaintiffs by suggesting that Steptoe & Johnson may be the cause of its own malodorous problems. Witness Nelson Dilg pointed a finger directly at Steptoe's cafeteria, where the expert in kitchen grease exhaust systems found a cook-and-hold unit […]