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Please, David Chang, Not a Steakhouse

The Momofuku chef tells Washingtonian he's considering a steakhouse for D.C.

Create Your Own Steakhouse Press Release With This Handy Template

We created a Mad Libs-style press release template for all future D.C. steakhouses.

Comparing D.C.’s New Crop of South American-Inspired Steakhouses

D.C. has long been overrun by steakhouses, but now a new breed is popping up. Within just more than a year, three South America–inspired steakhouses have opened—all within about a mile of each other. But they’re not all serving the same asados and pisco sours. Consult our handy guide to tell them apart. Chart by Carey […]

Dead Meat: Does D.C. Really Need More Steakhouses?

Washington just can’t seem to escape its reputation as a steak-and-potatoes town. For decades, the stereotypes of lobbyists with expense accounts cavorting over charred chunks of meat have overshadowed the city’s culinary cred. Only in recent years has the District started to erase memories of ribeyes and dudes in suits with its explosion of neighborhood […]

Epic SmokeHouse Coming to Arlington

Wayne Halleran has spent the past 11 years as a waiter at The Palm in Tysons Corner. Now, he and former Palm assistant GM Joon Yang are preparing to open a place of their own called Epic SmokeHouse near the Pentagon City Mall. Halleran tells Y&H the smokehouse will be somewhere between a fine dining […]

Al Fresco Ogling: Stadium Club Applies for Outdoor Seating

Stadium Club, the Northeast D.C. strip club with the fancy steakhouse serving cuts of beef cooked "Pittsburgh rare" upon request, has applied for permission to operate a summer garden, seating up to 14 patrons. The petition for outdoor seating appears on the agenda for Wednesday's meeting of the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board. No […]

The Heavy Burden of Ray’s the Steaks at East River

The media hype on Ray's the Steaks at East River started more than a year and a half ago with this piece in WaPo, back when Michael Landrum's meat emporium was called Ray's the Heat. Yours truly fanned the flames a few times about Ray's the Heat/Ray's the Steaks at East River following that original […]