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Daily Food Blog Roundup: Daily Newspaper Edition

Wednesday, as dedicated newspaper readers know (all six of you who don't rely on blogs for news), is the day that papers around the country publish their Food sections. Today's edition of Food Blog Roundup plucks both blog and print items for your gastronomic amusement. Bitten knows that every seed is sacred.

Starbucks Enters the Spin Zone to Convince You Its Coffee Ain’t That Expensive

Much has been written about Starbucks' fall from grace. The coffee behemoth's profits have plummeted and its stock has lost nearly half its value in the past year (never mind how much it's lost since the beginning of this decade, because who the hell holds stock that long anymore?). Stores have been closed, and baristas […]

OK, I’ll Start Tipping at Starbucks When the Barista Can Do This

This Thai street coffee vendor could go work at Cirque du Soleil.

Free Denny’s Grand Slam Until 2 p.m. Today

Yesterday, Starbucks gave away free $5 gift cards inside your copy of Politico. Today, Denny's is giving away free Grand Slam breakfasts until 2 p.m. What's next on the recessionary food giveaway list? Have you heard of other freebies to get folks in the door? Image courtesy of Denny's