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Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

For the first time in three weeks, the Rogue States trial didn't dominate blog traffic. Instead, y'all favored a mix of subjects, from Starbucks' plan to start selling alcohol to a four-star restaurant that lost its cache to the ongoing fascination with the sale of the Brickskeller. Hmm, I'm thinking the ultimate traffic-generating blog item […]

Starbucks Goes for Bar Bucks by Selling Beer

According to a USA Today story and video, a Starbucks lab store in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood re-opened this Monday after a three-month redesign. In an effort to evolve the 40-year-old brand and boost evening business (since Starbucks does 70% of sales before 2:00pm), the new location is serving booze. That's right. You could soon be […]

Five Reasons Y&H Doesn’t Give a Damn About Pinkberry’s Arrival in D.C.

NBCWashington broke the news yesterday with prose that bordered on the orgasmic: Pinkberry is coming to D.C.! (I'm not sure how many exclamation points to include here, but the general tone of the item merits at least four, I think.) Now understand, the item names no location, not even a neighborhood. Just the promise of […]

D.C. Is the 11th Most Caffeinated City in America

The Daily Beast has crunched some numbers and determined which U.S. cities have the most caffeine running through their veins. As you might have predicted, the Pacific Northwest is the jumpiest among us. Seattle comes in first with 35 coffee shops per 100,000 residents, followed by Portland with 28. The District slips in at No. […]

Mark Furstenberg Defends the Portable Espresso Machine

Mark Furstenberg, the master baker who apparently can't rise in the morning without a strong shot of espresso, wrote me shortly after I posted this video about the future of kitchen gadgets. He wanted to take me to task for mocking the portable espresso machine. Wrote Furstenberg: I have one and took it with me […]

Saucer Full of Secrets: Northside Social’s Charms Go Way Beyond the Cup

Note: We're publishing the entire Young & Hungry column on the blog so you can enjoy Darrow Montgomery's photography, which has its own story to tell. In the land of the over-stimulated mermaid, the landscape is always the same: the tiny tables crowded with laptap squatters, lost in their ear buds and their private worlds, […]

The Best Suggestion Box Comment Ever

While waiting on my hand pour of Valle del Santuario at Mid City Caffe yesterday, I was pouring over the coffee shop's suggestion page. Among the garden-variety ideas like selling the Post and offering more tea varieties, there was this little nugget: "Please take over Starbucks. Thanks."

The Day in Food-Related April Fool’s Jokes

Falafel shots and hot dog air coming soon to a mobile vendor near you! For Y&H, there's usually a pattern to my April Fool's Day, and it goes like this:  I login to the computer, call up Google to conduct a search, and sit there slack-jawed for a minute while reading about the Google Gulp […]

The Truly Awful Thing About the Cupcake Craze: The Wasteful Packaging

Cupcakes from the Bakeshop Everyone, it seems, is going bonkers about cupcakes. Sometimes I like to kid myself that I hate cupcakes, just because they're so freaking popular, but I don't. I'm not crazy about some of the cupcake culture — mostly, the exclusive, Georgetown boutique ambiance of some cupcakeries — but by and large […]

Starbucks, I Was a Fool to Trust You

Call me naive, but I had moderately high hopes for 15th Avenue Coffee & Tea, the new stealth-Starbucks coffee shop that eschews Frappucinos for wine and beer and attempts to buck the chain's corporate image. I've always loved the European-style cafe, with good espresso and alcohol, as a quiet counterpoint to bars; done right, they […]