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Which Foods at Nationals Park Have the Biggest Mark-Up?

The reality of marked-up prices on food and beverage at the ballpark isn't exactly a secret—no one paying nine bucks for a can of Miller Lite believes it's a bargain. But with the arrival of so many stadium outposts from D.C. dining establishments, Nats fans can figure out exactly how much they're getting fleeced on […]

Stadium Eating: Can the Food Inside the Verizon Center Compete with the Food Around It?

Verizon Center executive chef Kevin Holler shows up to every game in uniform. With his chef whites and an absurdly tall toque above his 6 foot 1 inch frame, his height rivals that of the Washington Wizards players on the court. Holler roams around the 200 level, or Club Level, of the stadium like it’s […]