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Stadium Club Closes Over TruOrleans Tax Debt

Troubles continue for former TruOrleans owner James "Tru" Redding. The D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue announced today that it has seized Redding's strip joint/steakhouse Stadium Club in order to pay the more than $100,000 in sales and use taxes he owes for his now-closed H Street NE restaurant. The tax office shut down TruOrleans […]

Let The Bad Times Roll: H Street NE’s Most Hated Restaurant Closes After Tax Troubles, Lawsuits, and a Food Fight

Just before midnight on July 19, a dispute erupted at TruOrleans on H Street NE over whether a large party was overcharged for its margarita-heavy tab, which totaled about $1,000. “Fuck this bill,” one patron in a teal tank top told a manager as the group started to leave, the manager says in a report […]

Al Fresco Ogling: Stadium Club Applies for Outdoor Seating

Stadium Club, the Northeast D.C. strip club with the fancy steakhouse serving cuts of beef cooked "Pittsburgh rare" upon request, has applied for permission to operate a summer garden, seating up to 14 patrons. The petition for outdoor seating appears on the agenda for Wednesday's meeting of the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board. No […]

Ex-Y&Her Tim Carman Wins James Beard Award

We like to think "former Young & Hungry columnist" remains the fanciest entry on alum Tim Carman's CV. But as of last night, when the winners of the James Beard Foundation's prestigious annual food-writing awards were announced, there's a distinction that may be even shinier: Carman won the foodie organization's award for best columnist, based on […]

How Much Should a Writer Reveal When Reviewing a Strip Club Steakhouse?

That was the question I pondered after a City Paper editorial meeting last week in which editor Michael Schaffer, showing off again his ridiculous ability for recall, pointed out that Frank Bruni came out of the closet with his review of the Penthouse Executive Club for the Times. For the record, Bruni didn't exactly claim […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Young & Hungry has become Spiked TV or something like that. For the second week in a row, Spike Mendelsohn has dominated the blog, both with the news of his New York-style pizzeria, due to open today, and with the old, never-say-die story about his apartment eviction on Capitol Hill. Take a look at the […]

The Stadium Club Combines Steaks and Strippers

The Stadium Club isn't the first strip joint — oh, I can feel the owner cringing now about the use of that cheap term — to inject  steakhouse sophistication into a business of peddling another kind of flesh. I used to live in Houston, otherwise known as the Strip Joint Capital of the Free World, […]