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Congratulations, America, You’re Not So Bland Anymore

So says NPR's Morning Edition, which is airing a segment today that claims the United States "is a far spicier nation than it used to be." Here are a few pieces of data from the NPR report to prove the point: "Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show big gains in Americans' spice consumption […]

In Praise of Transparency: North Sea’s Back Alley

Asking to see a restaurant's trash is like asking a stranger for a stool sample: You'll learn a lot if you look carefully, but you'll also have a hell of a time making your case. At the Cleveland Park Starbucks, a shift supervisor who requested to remain anonymous was tight-lipped on the subject of waste. […]

John Legend’s ‘Nutmeg’ Song Soon to Become a Holiday Classic?

I somehow doubt the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will be singing John Legend's "Nutmeg" song on its annual Christmas special. Legend debuted the soon-to-be Yuletide classic on A Colbert Christmas; it includes this warming little holiday thought: "No cocoa, no cloves, no vanilla, no mace; the only residue I want you wiping off your face is […]