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Food News You Can Use: Concealed Carrot Edition

Adams Morgan has a new lunch option: the Uptowner Cafe and Market. The operation, located in the old Caribou space on 18th Street, is less a deli than So's Your Mom, but it sells pre-made sushi rolls, for those too lazy to walk to Harris Teeter. The grilled chicken with mozz, tomatoes, and generous sprinkles […]

Italian Eateries Are Getting Quite Famoso in Downtown D.C.

When Galileo was forced to leave town in 2006, downtown D.C. was left with only a handful of decent Italian restaurants, including Tosca and the woefully underrated Spezie. But in recent months, the dearth has turned into a near glut. (Relax, you word mavens; I understand that "near glut" has all the contradictory overtones of […]