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Eat the Vote: Romney vs. Obama Fries at Cashion’s Eat Place

Y&H is taking a bite out of election-night coverage with some poll analysis. Food and drink polls, anyway. We'll be hopping around town, pitting red- and blue-inspired specials against each other to determine tonight's victor. We're kicking things off at Cashion's Eat Place, which has traded its regular menu for one full of Obama- and […]

D.C. Food Trucks Multiplying Like Rabbits

A Washington Post report on the burgeoning D.C. food truck scene offers some eye-popping stats from the business side of the mobile eats industry. For instance, the Pi Pizzeria truck, which cost around $30,000 in start-up funds, nets about $1,000 a day. Another interesting factoid—the number of vehicular vendors has more than doubled in the […]

Three Things to Try This Weekend

"Hawaii Five-O" burger at Ted's Bulletin, glazed with teriyaki sauce, served atop grilled pineapple and topped with thinly sliced Spam, $12.29; 505 8th St. SE, (202) 544-8337 "Jersey Shore" pizza at Graffiato, topped with fried calamari and spicy pepper aioli, $15; 707 6th St. NW, (202) 289-3600 Bombolini ricotta doughnuts at Fiola (pictured), served with crème […]

Spam, Beef, Pineapple and Spam: Ted’s Bulletin Enacts its Own Version of ‘Spamalot’

Why garnish your burger with fresh toppings, as Wendy's late founder Dave Thomas always endorsed, when instead you can use good old-fashioned canned precooked meat manufactured by the Hormel Foods Corporation? As part of its new summer menu, Ted's Bulletin on Barracks Row recently unveiled the "Hawaii Five-O" burger, made with grilled pineapple, teriyaki glaze […]

Food History Potpourri: Spam, Spam, and Spam!

As part of Y&H's totally random attempts to inject culinary history into this blog, I've pinched this nugget from the "1943" section of The Food Chronology. It helps explain why Hawaiians love Spam, why Brits have no taste, and why Soviet troops were able to defeat the Germans at Murmansk.

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Timeless Regional Cuisine

Something about the nature of the Web, it doesn't like to look back. It's sort of a deeply ingrained, Orpheus-like fear that if we glance briefly over our shoulders, we'll somehow forever miss the latest post on Wonkette or DCist or, hell, even Prince of Petworth and our entire future will be blacker than Bernie Madoff's heart. No, the […]