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Last Night’s Leftovers: Soupy Scenes Edition

Take a peek inside the retail shell that will become the first District Taco location inside the actual District. [WaPo] Estadio owner Mark Kuller says there aren't many tapas bars in Spain any better than his own place right here in D.C.  Admittedly, he's biased. [Washingtonian] Westend Bistro's Eric Ripert thinks National Airport's Matsutake Sushi […]

Ditch the Bacon of the Month Club: Soupergirl Launches Soupscriptions

Joining the famed bacon-, cheese- and wine-of-the-month clubs is something decidedly more humble: soup. Soupergirl, Sara Polon's bastion of broth in Takoma, has announced its "soupscriptions" plan, just in time for the coziest season of the year. Four weeks of soup and salad can be arranged for either home or office delivery ($1.85 charge) or […]

Rising Stock: At Toki Underground, the Broth is Finally Ready

Peaches and pigs’ feet. That’s the secret. Or, at least, part of it, anyway. I’m referring to the ambrosial broth at Toki Underground. That alluring aroma tickles your nose hairs the moment you ascend the stairs, wooing you onward to the jovial host with the clipboard, where the fragrance reveals itself to be a cruel, […]

Faster Than a Speeding Gazpacho: Soupergirl Opens Retail Shop in Takoma

Local online and farmers market soup merchant Sara Polon, best known by her stew-gooder alter ego "Soupergirl," is opening a bona fide bricks-and-mortar retail shop in Takoma on Sept. 7, featuring self-service lunch, dinner and take-out options. The new store is located at 314 Carroll St. NW. Full details below:

Quick Feeding: Soup’s On at Ris

In the Mood for Some Soup? If you make your way through the West End, you might want to check out what Ris Lacoste has cooking, since she's developed a soup calendar for Ris. Call (202) 730-2500 for a complete schedule and to place pick-up orders. Pricing is $5 per cup, $8 per pint, and […]

It’s a Great Day for Soup, But What About a Soupdrink?

While it's hard to quantify whether today's weather as "a big snow," it's easy to agree that today is a great day for soup. For me, a giant bowl of soup with chunky vegetables—with some sort of cream base—always seems like a great idea as winter weather sets in. But I've been in the mood […]

Kora’s Eggplant Gazpacho: A Taste of Spain at Morou Ouattara’s Trattoria

I was eager to see what the Brothers Ouattara would do with Italian cuisine at Kora, so the wife and I jumped into the ol' global warming machine on a recent Sunday to try the brunch at this new Crystal City outpost, located in the old Bebo Trattoria space. Brunch is never my preferred way […]

Free Soup Tonight at Grapeseed in Bethesda

Not Heineman's gazpacho. Like so many other restaurateurs these days, Grapeseed chef and owner Jeff Heineman is just trying to get folks in the door. His latest ploy is to give away free soup to all his friends on Facebook — and to all the fans of a Facebook group devoted to people who hate […]

Martha’s Table Soup: “Robust”

Martha's Table doesn't whip up a vat of soup the way you and I do. They don't decide, Hey, let's do a lentil with sausage and some fine spices, and then go out and procure the ingredients. The process at D.C.'s industrious soup kitchen works in the opposite direction. Ingredients come first, type-of-soup decisions follow. […]

Dog Who Was Denied Cupcakes Goes to the Crazy Place