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Food Truck or Recreational Sports Team? Take the Quiz!

Mobile Warming Curbed The Clique and the Dead Which Food Truck Should I Go To? Food Truckers: The New Baristas A Day in the Life of a Milk and Cookies Food Truck Food Truck Etiquette Tips by Miss Manners Lunch? There's a (Probably Inaccurate) App for That Food Truck or Recreational Sports Team? Take the […]

Pitazzi to Take Over the 90 Min Cafe Space in Adams Morgan

Frankly, I'm amazed the 90 Min Cafe lasted as long as it did, given its hidden location, its limited number of TVs, and the fact that it didn't serve alcohol (at least at first).  The subterranean space opened in time for the 2006 World Cup, but I'm not even sure it limped along long enough […]

Biergarten Haus Is Open–Just in Time For World Cup

It would be hard enough to get into Royal Bafokeng Stadium in South Africa tomorrow to see the U.S. team obliterate their English opponents, but getting into Biergarten Haus? Fuggetaboutit! After weeks of delays, DC's first German-style beer garden is open today as of 9am. So you think it might be a good spot to […]

Eating the World Cup, Part Two

Check out today's City Paper for a useful World Cup drinking-and-eating guide — more or less in that order, heavy on beer specials — or find it online here.  But of the 32 countries competing in the World Cup, maybe only half have their national cuisines represented in the Washington area. Where are the Uruguayan […]

Eating the World Cup

The World Cup kicks off Friday in South Africa, and I'm starting to plan my soccer-watching itinerary.  Soccer tournaments have been my favorite occasions for food-touristing in the cities in which I've lived, and the World Cup offers the most wide-ranging opportunities at all. I recall perhaps most fondly one long night of quarterfinals in […]

East German Brewery Named Official Sponsor of Germany’s World Cup Team

It may not be the big deal here that it is in the rest of the world (though you'd never know it from our strangely unrepresentative sample of soccer-crazed friends), but come June the World Cup promises to be one of the most significant shared global events of the year, dominating news cycles around the […]