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Even Without the Celery, Stoney’s Wings Are Dive-Worthy Again

The last few times I visited Stoney's Bar and Grill, the city was buried under enough snow to hide the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I had to earn my meal by walking in boots that I had yet to break in, on streets that were still thick with accumulation. At the time, I had to […]

Reader Feedbag: Two Recipes from Hilary Nelson

As promised earlier, here are two recipes submitted by Hilary Nelson, aka the Cupcake Avenger, who responded to Y&H's call for good, home-bound meals to get us through the Snowmageddon last month. You might think that snow brings out Hilary's taste for the white stuff — sugar, that is — but she's always hankering for […]

Mouthing Off: Y&H Readers Have Their Say

Did we destroy the myth of Maryland fried chicken? The thought struck me recently that I ask a lot from you, faithful Y&H Nation. Many of you respond in kind, perhaps hoping your words will one day appear in the newsletter (sign up at right!) or blog. And what do I do? I sit on […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Cincy natives were livid over Y&H's Skyline Chili post. Mother Nature dumped 30 inches-plus of powder on our heads this past week, so it goes without saying the most-read item was...Orr Shtuhl's Aug. 11 post on Budweiser's Select 55. (Insert garbled invective here.) Fortunately, we've stopped counting that post a long time ago. So here's […]

Which Farmers Markets Will Be Open This Weekend?

UPDATE: 2:20 p.m. Friday You think the blizzard was tough on you? Try being a winter farmer with a greenhouse to tend. Keeping those hothouses warm and wired to electricity was a challenge for a number of regional farmers. Regardless, many of them plan to make the long drive in and sell their produce at […]

The Hidden Cost of Snow Storms for Restaurateurs

The ground beef and buns arrived today, which meant that all three locations of BGR: The Burger Joint could finally reopen for business. Now co-owner Mark Bucher is just waiting for the bill. Nope, not for delivering supplies in blizzard conditions. But for something with a potentially higher price tag: shoveling. "The real 'hurt'," e-mails Bucher […]

Cabin Fever Setting In? Get to One of These Restaurants or Bars.

Ristorante Tosca and chef Massimo Fabbri are ready to serve you It goes without saying (but here we go anyway) that ingredients and employees are the life blood of the restaurant industry and that, without them, no eatery can remain open. Both have been in short supply over the past couple of days. But as the […]

Sno’Body Knows the Troubles He’s Seen: The Cost of Closing Down Restaurant Eve

Everyone, it seems, is obsessed with the amount of money local jurisdictions are spending on snow removal, but consider how much money local restaurateurs are losing due to the storm(s). And then consider that they can't exactly apply for federal disaster relief. Cathal Armstrong, the chef/owner of Restaurant Eve, Eamonn's and The Majestic, figures he's lost […]

Chef Bill Cooks Up Snowmageddon Chicken Soup

Until today Y&H had never heard of Chef Bill. But Chef Bill/Wild Bill has a pretty devoted following on YouTube. One look at this bone-dry-skeleton-in-the-desert video and you can see why. The guy is a natural in front of the camera. He's also not, as best as I can tell, a professional cook. Chef Bill seems […]

Y&H’s Sno’Overit, Here-We-Go-Again Survival Guide for the Next Storm: Cook at Home!

Last Friday, your humble Y&H servant spent some time compiling a working  list of restaurants planning to brave the winter storm that, at the time, was already dropping a serious load on us. I then promptly went home and didn't see the inside of a restaurant until....well, last night, when Carrie and I went to our local […]