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Shit Whole Foods Ran Out Of

Even the whiff of snow will turn Whole Foods into a war zone of tote-carrying yuppies fighting over the last jar of organic peanut butter. Yesterday, with actual inches of powder looming, lines at the Logan Circle Whole Foods stretched two lengths of the store. Many shelves were left barren. Here are 12 items that […]

These Restaurants and Bars Are Closed for Snow

Warning! While there are plenty of food and drink deals to be had today, some bars and restaurants are actually closed. So, don't bother trekking out to the places below. Send info about further closures to Agua 301 (closed for lunch) The Arsenal (closed for lunch, bar opens at 4 p.m.) Astro Doughnuts & Fried […]

The Only Guide You’ll Need to Snow Food and Drink Specials (Updated)

The snow may keep you from work or school, but from the bar? Never. Behold, your snow day food and drink specials below. Know of other deals? Email us at Alba Osteria If at least 4 inches of snow accumulate in D.C. by 5 p.m., the restaurant will offer a bottomless dinner for $35 per person. […]

Don’t Go There: These Restaurants Are Closed Due to Snow

Unlike the federal government, it usually takes a real storm to shut down bars and restaurants. So we know this snow is serious, even if we're just going by the list of closures below. If you are venturing out, check out these places for food and drink specials. Send information about further closures to

Where to Find Snow Food and Drink Specials

The snow has begun, and naturally, so have the food and drink specials.  We'll be updating this list throughout the day, so if you know of any good deals, let us know by emailing And if you don't feel like going out, you can always consult our bartenders' guide to making snow cocktails. Alba Osteria  Half-price […]

Restaurateur Joe Englert on the Hardship of Making a Buck in the “New Pansy Climate”

In D.C., all it takes to shut down the government and create an organic coconut water shortage at Whole Foods is a little slush and a catchy storm name. The victim of this weather hysteria? Restaurants and bars, says restaurateur Joe Englert, whose properties include H Street Country Club, The Pug, Granville Moore's, and more. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Snowquester Food and Drink Specials

It's always more fun to be snowed in with a bartender. Fortunately, local bars and restaurants are offering Snowquester specials. We'll continue to update this list throughout the day, so check back. If you're doing a special you'd like included, e-mail Y&H at DC Reynolds 3628 Georgia Ave. NW Buy one, get one free […]

A CALL TO HELP: Volunteer for Food & Friends Tomorrow

Dear Readers, If your office remains closed, or if you've a few free hours in which to help your fellow man, please donate some time in the first half of tomorrow to make deliveries for Food & Friends. The organization serves upwards of 1,400 of the city's hungry and debilitated individuals and has done yeoman's […]

What Does a Snowbound Food Critic Do?

My new smoker trying to survive snOMG '09. Saturday was such a mixed blessing. I loved lounging around with Carrie and Coltrane, watching TV reporters/police detectives go batshit over the weather and/or snowball fights. But I really needed to use the day to suss out two more spots for my year-end best new restaurants list.  So what did I […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Ball Shots

As we noted before, a classic, old-fashioned ball shot is always good for a cheap laugh. It seems some bloggers, though, just don't dig on cheap laughs, or at least cheap laughs below the belt, like Lemmonex over at Culinary Couture, who published a photo of two big homemade matzo balls, about the size of […]