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Restaurateur Joe Englert on the Hardship of Making a Buck in the “New Pansy Climate”

In D.C., all it takes to shut down the government and create an organic coconut water shortage at Whole Foods is a little slush and a catchy storm name. The victim of this weather hysteria? Restaurants and bars, says restaurateur Joe Englert, whose properties include H Street Country Club, The Pug, Granville Moore's, and more. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Snowquester Food and Drink Specials

It's always more fun to be snowed in with a bartender. Fortunately, local bars and restaurants are offering Snowquester specials. We'll continue to update this list throughout the day, so check back. If you're doing a special you'd like included, e-mail Y&H at DC Reynolds 3628 Georgia Ave. NW Buy one, get one free […]

A CALL TO HELP: Volunteer for Food & Friends Tomorrow

Dear Readers, If your office remains closed, or if you've a few free hours in which to help your fellow man, please donate some time in the first half of tomorrow to make deliveries for Food & Friends. The organization serves upwards of 1,400 of the city's hungry and debilitated individuals and has done yeoman's […]

What Does a Snowbound Food Critic Do?

My new smoker trying to survive snOMG '09. Saturday was such a mixed blessing. I loved lounging around with Carrie and Coltrane, watching TV reporters/police detectives go batshit over the weather and/or snowball fights. But I really needed to use the day to suss out two more spots for my year-end best new restaurants list.  So what did I […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Ball Shots

As we noted before, a classic, old-fashioned ball shot is always good for a cheap laugh. It seems some bloggers, though, just don't dig on cheap laughs, or at least cheap laughs below the belt, like Lemmonex over at Culinary Couture, who published a photo of two big homemade matzo balls, about the size of […]