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The Matchbook Isn’t Quite Dead, Just Ask Matchbox Food Group

A semi-regular look at a fleeting form of restaurant swag in smoking ban-era D.C. On its website, Barracks Row restaurant Ted's Bulletin is described as "a real American classic joint with a bit of style." One bit of style is especially classic—practically anachronistic, in fact. I'm referring to the old-school-style free matchbooks that are readily […]

Capitol Lounge Commemorates Disastrous Inferno With ‘Fire Breathing’ Wings-Eating Contest

It's been six years since an errant lit cigarette turned beloved watering hole Capitol Lounge into a fiery inferno and forever changed this columnist's opinion on smoking bans. (Y&H is referring to the first Cap Lounge fire, mind you, not the second blaze.) To commemorate this dubious date in D.C. drinking den history, the twice-burned […]

Germans Giving Up On Beer?

A few weeks ago, we lamented the absence of a traditional German beer garden in DC. Now, based on new numbers released by Germany's Federal Statistics Office, perhaps we should be more concerned about saving the original beer gardens in the Fatherland. Germans are notorious for their thirst for suds, but could this just be […]