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How Did You Prepare Your Thanksgiving Turkey?

There must be a 1,001 ways to prepare a turkey these days, and I suspect that I picked the hardest one yesterday: I smoked a bird. Let me tell you: Using a large, off-set barrel smoker to cook a 15-pound bird is no easy task. Not even with my friend and smoke mentor, Jim Shahin, […]

The Many Ways to Use a Barrel Smoker

After I got my hands on 100 pounds of seasoned hardwoods, I went a little crazy with the smoker over the Memorial Day weekend. I smoked ribs, sausage, and zucchini on Sunday, and the following day, I tried some new items: eggs, bacon (hey, a little more smoke couldn't hurt, right?), bread, cheddar cheese, and […]

Potential New Name for Urban’s Promotion: Semi-Straight from the Smoker

I stopped by Urban Bar-B-Que's "Saturday Straight from the Smoker" promotion and ordered up enough meats to feed the Washington Redskins' offensive line for a week. Co-owner David Calkins hacked me off a few ribs—which, incidentally, didn't need a drop of Urban's sweet sauce to give them flavor—and sliced me several thick strips from a […]

Urban to Offer Meats Fresh from the Smoker on Saturday

I've had a number of barbecue mentors over the years, but none more influential than Robb Walsh, the author of Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook. He once told me—well, he repeatedly told me, but that's Walsh—that you have to hit a barbecue joint as soon as it opens, so that the meats come straight out […]

Smoked Brisket, Pork, and Sausage Available at…Wait for It…Whole Foods!

Tell people that you've found good wood-smoked barbecue at the Whole Foods store in Fairfax, and they'll no doubt ask to revoke your critic's license. (Believe me, I know a number of you who would love to phone up some agency, if you could, and ask them to revoke my license.) But trust me (or […]