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Big Plates Are the New Small Plates

The phrase “family style” is becoming ubiquitous dining lingo as more places institute weekly feasts or devote entire sections of their menus to platters designed for two to six people.

Small Plates, Big Money

Two frequent gripes plague small plate restaurants: 1) The prices 2) servers telling you how many dishes you should order per person. The number is often too large, and consequently, the final tab is often too much. I called up six tapas-style restaurants to see how many dishes they recommend for dinner, then stacked up […]

Thank You For Sharing

White House assistant chef Sam Kass is standing to my left at the 20th anniversary celebration for Jaleo. To my right is a guy in a suit with an earpiece. Is he guarding one of the many ambassadors circulating the honeycomb-ceilinged dining room? Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor? Virginia Sen. Mark Warner? Or perhaps the […]

Chicago’s Townhouse Restaurant Is Bringing Sake-Drunken Chicken To D.C.

The company Restaurants-America has reportedly signed a lease to install its Townhouse Restaurant & Wine Bar brand in 6,000 square feet at 700 6th Street NW. Citybiz Real Estate has the scoop. Townhouse has three existing locations: two in the Chicago area and a third in Sherman Oaks, Ca. A peek at the Windy City […]

Some Early Intel on Southern Hospitality, Opening Soonish

The new proprietor of the old Adams Mill Bar & Grill space in Adams Morgan thinks he's landed in a pretty great location—but he's also in a tough spot, perception-wise. "We know that Adams Mill had a certain reputation," says Anthony Lupo, co-owner of the forthcoming restaurant Southern Hospitality. "It's a hard situation because we […]

Lincoln Will Outlive Obama, Restaurateur Alan Popovsky Asserts

In the course of reporting this week's Young & Hungry column on D.C.'s Lincoln eatery, I asked proprietor Alan Popovsky point-blank whether the curiously contemporary-yet-historical concept was just some massive ploy to lure President Obama, himself a noted Abraham Lincoln buff and arguably the best restaurant promoter in town these days, to come check out […]

Lingering Thoughts on Lincoln: Does History Ever Matter When You’re Hungry?

"You think anyone in there is thinking about history?" Civil War scholar Harold Holzer asked me recently as we exited downtown's crowded Lincoln restaurant after an evening of eating, drinking and critiquing the venue's historical bona fides for this week's Young & Hungry column. I later mentioned that parting comment to the restaurant's proprietor, Alan […]

Gettysburg Digress: What Would Honest Abe Think of D.C.’s Lincoln Restaurant?

As an historian, Harold Holzer knows the Emancipation Proclamation about as well as anyone. He’s just never seen it all lit up in bright red neon before. “That’s a first,” Holzer says. We are seated on opposing plush settees in a loungey back dining room at Lincoln, the seasonal American restaurant that opened in April, […]

Baum + Whiteman’s No. 1 Food and Dining Trend for 2010? Lots of Economic Fear.

Baum + Whiteman has been a restaurant consulting group since the '70s. The dudes know a few things about the hospitality biz, so when the company releases its annual food and dining trends for the coming year, restaurateurs tend to listen. (Or razz B+W for predicting "tongue" meat would become huge.) Restaurateurs may want to […]

Chicago Trib Lists the 10 Worst Dining Trends from the Last Decade

This is a fun list, and I agree with many of the Tribune's picks (even if I'd argue that "foam" and "molecular gastronomy" are two branches of the same tree and don't deserve separate listings). The top 10 offenders are culled from chef and consultant interviews conducted by the paper. I think I'd add long, […]