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Serious Eats’ Slice Blog Bites into RedRocks and Pete’s Apizza

Slice's anonymous Pizzablogger is obviously a knowledgeable sort about pies. Whoever he/she/giant-amorphous-blob-of-dough is, Pizzablogger is certainly in love with his/her/its words. He/she/it spills a ton of them on a pair of visits to RedRocks Firebrick Pizzeria and Pete's New Haven Style Apizza in Columbia Heights. Y&H typically has misgivings about experts from better pizza cultures […]

The Day in Food-Related April Fool’s Jokes

Falafel shots and hot dog air coming soon to a mobile vendor near you! For Y&H, there's usually a pattern to my April Fool's Day, and it goes like this:  I login to the computer, call up Google to conduct a search, and sit there slack-jawed for a minute while reading about the Google Gulp […]