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Expect Actual Tavern Drinks At Shaw’s Tavern This Weekend (Maybe) [UPDATED]

"It was a journey, but we got it!" says a triumphant Siya Sadeghi. The new owner of D.C.'s notoriously dry watering hole,  Shaw's Tavern, was reacting to the news that he had finally obtained his liquor license. Sadeghi was away in Canada when Y&H reached him on his cell phone today. He says the restaurant […]

Shaw’s Tavern, Take 2: New Owner Emerges At Embattled Boîte

"The previous owner couldn't handle it, so I'm taking over," says Siya Sadeghi, introducing himself as the new face of embattled booze-less boîte Shaw's Tavern during a meeting of the local ANC2c on Wednesday night. Describing himself more as a construction guy than a restaurateur, Sadeghi rattled off a number of prior eateries that he's […]