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The Readers Had Their Say in 2009, Too

As the primary author of the Young & Hungry blog, I release a lot of gas into the ether. Sometimes you readers find it noxious enough to disperse with your own counterattack. It can make for an engaging round of online gasbagging. Just take a look at the four examples that Editor Andrew and I […]

A Word of Clarification Over the D.C. Dish Hall of Fame

Y&H has received a number of e-mails today along the lines of this one from RW: I think the Hall of Fame should include those dishes unique or original to DC, of which there are few, like the half smoke or a curious dish called "Fried Good Dale" that appears only in Chinatown. Ben's dog, […]

Does D.C. Have a Signature Dish or Not?

Philly cheese steak: a true signature dish With this week's Young & Hungry column, we launch a new series called Stealing Home, in which we hunt for the best American regional dishes recreated right here in the metro area. The series is based on one idea: that D.C. has no signature dish to call its […]