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Paging Dr. Atkins! Shawafel’s French Fry Sandwich Is a Carb-Loader’s Creamy Dream

Lebanese-themed shawarma-and-falafel joint Shawafel opened this week along D.C.'s burgeoning H Street corridor. Operated by Alberto Sissi, a veteran of José Andrés' Think Food Group, the shiny new fast-casual-style joint serves various chicken, lamb and beef wraps. But, its "signature" item is a french-fry sandwich—"the only one in town," according to Sissi, who expects the […]

Late Night Eats at a Sudanese err…Pizza Trattoria?

The Spot: El Khartoum (aka Pizzeria Trattoria) 1782 Florida Ave. NW, (202) 986-1900 The Cuisine: Sudanese, Middle-Eastern, Pizza The Go-To Dish: Beef or chicken shawarma...after dark The Scoop: As the clock slowly ticked on toward midnight on a recent cold weekday evening in Adams Morgan, my stomach began to alert me that it was time […]

The Foreign Ingestor: Chez Manelle

The Spot: Chez Manelle, 2313 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA, (703) 522-2140 The Cuisine: Tunisian, Middle Eastern The Go-To Dishes: Hummus with beef shawarma, Couscous Manelle, Tunisian-style rice with chicken and vegetables The Scoop: Members of the Arlington working class rejoice! Amid the sea of Five Guys and Subway outlets around the Courthouse Metro is Chez […]

Tacos Al Pastor: Lebanon’s Gift to Mexico

Taste Insight, "Tacos al Pastor" with Nicholas Gilman from Inside Mexico on Vimeo. Forgive Y&H's obsession with tacos this week, but I've been fascinated by the wealth of history behind this simple Mexican street snack. Take tacos al pastor. Many taquerias don't prepare them the traditional way, which requires a vertical rotisserie like the ones you […]

Shawarma King, Revisited

As promised, I went back to Shawarma King last Wednesday, May 27, for a guided tour and meal with owner Butros Qumseya, who requested I give his restaurant a second go after he read my negative review in the Feed a few weeks back. Disclaimer: Food critics eat anonymously because the average restaurateur, if given […]

Weekend Feed: Shawarma King

Shawarma King 1654 Columbia Road NW, Washington, DC 20009 (202) 462-8330 I ate my first shawarma-type sandwich in Baku, Azerbaijan, where street vendors call the shaved-lamb-and-pita combo a döner-kebab and top it with cilantro, tomato, cucumber, a ketchup-like red sauce, and fresh herbs. Baku doesn’t have much else in the way of fast food (the […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on the Young & Hungry Blog

It's been a strange week for Young & Hungry. All you folks hiding behind computers seemed to prefer last week's postings over this week's. What's more, Mr. Y&H took one day off to follow the meandering ambitions of Joe Englert. So, with those disclaimers, here's the Top 5 of the week: I've Eaten Enough Shawarma […]

I’ve Eaten Enough Shawarma Now to Realize I Don’t Understand Shawarma

My recent visit to Shawarma King, one of the new Middle Eastern sandwich joints in Adams Morgan, finally humbled me. As I sat there, chewing on yet another mediocre shawarma sandwich, its beef dry and its flavors as much sour as savory, I decided that I must be missing something. Or that my palate is […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits from the Young & Hungry Blog *

Without further ado, here are the week's Top 5 posts (chopped down from the usual Top 10 in a symbolic offering to our increasingly nasty recession) from the Young & Hungry blog: D.C. Restaurant Week Pushed Back to February * Timmy G's Ham Cruncher: The Sandwich That Glows Want Some Shawarma? Head to Adams Morgan. […]

Want Some Shawarma? Head to Adams Morgan.

Adams Morgan has suddenly become Shawarma Central. Walid Abuelhawa's Old City Café & Bakery has been a reliable source for the Middle Eastern sandwich for more than two years, but now the former Amsterdam Falafelshop chef has some competition from two new shops: The Shawarma King at 1654 Columbia Rd. NW (202-463-8330) and the Shawarma […]